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On April 16, 2011, Zach Wong joined Your Tarot Tribe ~ Beyond World, to talk about his Revelations Tarot, the deck with reversed pictures!


That episode can be heard HERE.

 Below is the handout for that class.

To learn more about Zach Wong and the Revelations Tarot, visit

The deck can be purchased HERE.




First, check out the GREAT SURPRISE Zach made for us. 

Behold, the Beyond Worlds hosts as the court cards they represent!

Thank you, Zach!!!


In early April, Zach  had asked me

(without me knowing what he was up to): 

1) What element would all four of you each subscribe to,
2) And which would be closest cards which would represent each of you? 

So I told him who we were, based on past fun conversations we had on our shows.

Zach surprised us and dressed us each up like these cards as they appeared in his Revelations Tarot as shown below:

 Thank you, Zach!!




The Perks                   The Personality                The Challenge

The Hermit                      The Fool                      Temperance Rx


See Zach's first (prototype) images of The Fool HERE.




North: Fire/Intuition

Reflect upon this card to see how it may affect or help you determine the path that would enhance or better your intuition.

East: Air/Thought

Reflect on how this card may guide you through the expanse of your own knowledge. Consider the field or aspect in which the card is set, to find a new path

South: Earth/Sensation

Reflecting on the card drawn here will help you determine which issues of your physical self require addressing or improving.

West: Water/Feelings

Reflection here should help you identify aspects of your emotional being that may require focus or exploring. 


 Knight of Pentacles

  King of Swords Rx                    Ace of Pentacles Rx

 Four of Cups Rx