Donnaleigh's Lessons




 What is Tarot?  Ahhh....tarot. I've had a love affair with tarot for a couple of decades now.  We have become dear friends, walking on this wonderful journey called "life."

Tarot is a wonderful reflection of your life experience. Think of it as YOUR storybook, complete with illustrations, reflecting your life, your dreams, your experiences, your loves and your goals. Tarot has a lovely way of sharing the essence of your world, guiding you to your highest good. 

Tarot doesn't just tell you your future; it helps you CREATE it. Knowledge is power, and tarot helps you understand your present, understand how you arrived there, and what's standing in your way, and helps create a better tomorrow. Because you are the magical creatrix of your life.

 You will learn how to actively create incredible outcomes during a reading. We all have life patterns, and tarot's great skill is being able to identify those so we can work through adjusting our patterns to forge the outcomes we want to manifest.

 Many of the world's most renowned psychics and psychic mediums have become closer to their spiritual connection through the ancient art of tarot, including but not limited to: Suzanne Northrop, John Holland, John Edward. But did you know that you can do the same? Tarot mirrors back your world to you and to all who read those 78 glorious cards. Anyone can learn to read this remarkable system. I love teaching tarot!

What can Tarot do for You?

There are many ways to use Tarot. It can be a tool for self-reflection, and it can be a support even during times of trauma. This wonderful system truly allows us a clear look at ourselves in a very powerful way that parallels a psychology session.  Wise to the point of surprising us, it opens up information about things we may know are happening but may not realize our own influence on the outcome. Tarot empowers us to understand ourselves better and offers wise suggestions for improving our outcomes. Tarot can help process trauma, help realize dreams, and help understand difficult personalities around us.

Tarot teases information out of its hiding places. It describes our joys, problems, conflicts, and issues and offers solutions, and reveals obstacles to them and how to circumvent those obstacles. Tarot pinpoints areas where a shift would manifest a better direction, and directs us toward success. The cards show us what we need to see, to teach us what we need to know.  

Tarot is more than simply "fortune-telling." It is, as James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot said, "fortune-creating." If you don't like what you see in your probable future, tarot gently guides you to show you how to change your outcome to create your best future. YOU get to decide when you're ready to take the step. Tarot is wise and honest and serves to protect and guide us with our highest good always in mind.

  A powerful tool for healing, self-development, clarity, and insight, tarot is YOU.  It is, in essence, "a mirror of the soul." It is an amazing, wise source I've developed a deep respect for.


Can Tarot tell the future? If we don't change the pattern in which we do things, possibly.  Tarot captures a snapshot of the energy in our situation and will allow us to explore what will likely happen if we continue to do things in the same pattern as we have been doing them. It shows us where we are headed. Tarot provides a glimpse into the future, which is never set in stone, so one can either choose to remain on the path we are already on... or to change directions to create a different outcome. 

The true benefit of Tarot lies in its ability to organize our life and counsel us regarding change if we don't like an outcome. 

 Whether you choose to follow Tarot's advice is completely up to you. We don't have one future that is written in stone. Rather, we each have multiple futures, and the choices we make determine which future we head toward. What is interesting, though, is that when a client does not follow Tarot's advice for changes, almost inevitably the description of events to follow will happen, because it knows our patterns. 

How does Tarot work? This is a fascinating question.  How is it so accurate? There are a variety of beliefs as to what makes the perfect card come up in the perfect position. Guidance by a Higher Power is probably the most common belief, whether that Higher Power takes on the name of God, Goddess, Spirit, Universal Wisdom,  Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel, or our own internal divinity. Another belief is that we all connect to a Universal Subconscious or our Highest Self through our own subconscious, and in doing so, we have access to data about ourselves that defines our life experiences. Quantum physics suggests we are all connected, and tarot is a great connection/connector.  

I believe tarot is a summoned synchronicity. While the cards are simply pieces of cardboard, they serve as a bridge to connect us to our higher self so that we can gain more knowledge about ourselves and better serve our life path.  

Intuition is always a great assist in the connection, and this intuition can spring from our subconscious during a reading as well.  After working with Tarot, I continue to be amazed at how it works and how it defies statistics (why do the right cards always present themselves as they should?). I have experienced enough unquestionably convincing situations to accept that it does work. I think you'll feel the same way once you experience a reading.

Is the future written in stone? No. You have more power over your life than you may realize. I have learned that the future is based on the decisions we make every day out of our Free Will.  You can change your future in a microsecond. Tarot brings to the forefront what is working and what is not. By clarifying what you can do to improve your future, Tarot becomes a powerful and wise tool for guidance, for understanding, and for life improvement. This is where tarot beams: creating our best future by making us aware of our options.

Timing questions are very difficult to answer because of the nature of Free Will that we all have. At any moment, we have the power to make adjustments or detours in our lives to change outcomes of timing. The best questions are those that empower us to make the timing work to our advantage. I see timing in readings as more like stories and a series of events: first X will happen, and then Y, before Z concludes.

Will frightening outcomes be predicted? As part of my code of ethics, I do not provide readings related to health, including any sort of diagnosis, and I never predict death. If you have health concerns, please see a doctor. If you have legal questions, please consult an attorney. If you need financial advice, please contact a professional financial advisor. I am here to help people find themselves when life feels messy and chaotic. My job is to help suss things out and give you more clarity and direction.

If you don't want to know an answer that might not be what you seek, it would be best not to ask.  Tarot does not lie.  If you do wish to improve your outcome, though, Tarot is at your side to get you there. See what you can do to improve your final outcome. How? Ask a question that will reveal what you need to know to achieve your goal.

Are the cards Satanic or evil in any way? On the contrary. The Rider-Waite deck and its clones have many images connected to Angels and Biblically inspired stories. If you study the Qabalah/Kabbalah/Cabalah in connection with Tarot, you will find the cards represent a pathway back to the Godhead in addition to the path of energy from a spiritual creator to our material world.  It is connected to Divine Wisdom. Tarot is a mirror of the wisdom that already lives within us. Never have I seen it lead someone in a bad, evil, unkind, or vengeful way. It always works toward harmony, love, abundance, and our Highest Good. 

The belief that Tarot is the tool of the Devil is a commonly held belief due to fictional horror movies and suspense thrillers, which have used the cards improperly in order to achieve adramatic effect (that's Hollywood!). I have a deck for every preference. There are angel decks, Christian decks, Pagan decks, secular decks, even dog- or cat-themed, or Winnie-the-Pooh-themed decks. Often I will share some of the beautiful images from the deck, especially those images inspired by formal religion, to dispel fears.

I am deeply respectful of all faiths and belief systems, and I will never pass judgment on anyone for whom I read. I promise to read within the boundaries of your own faith, whatever it may be.

I respect that some belief systems do not allow the wisdom of Tarot. For these people I also offer crystal readings, by using stones of the earth, to access a visual about the story your life holds.