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1) Made for all levels from beginners to advanced, Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe is a free, award-winning tarot podcast that is designed to educate readers who want to go deeper into tarot. Available through or iTunes, as well as many major podcast hubs.

2) Kick off your tarot reading skills with the our series of tarot intensives called "Beyond Tarot. CLICK HERE for the current list of free Beyond Tarot Intensive classes.

3) On July 25, 2010, we offered a free beginner's tarot class with Tarot author Anna Burroughs Cook. Listen by going HERE (or by downloading our 7/25/10 episode through iTunes).

4) A tarot mini-class on tarot with Peter Roe on The Spiritual HelpDesk, with a sample tarot sperad  reading tutorial. CLICK HERE.  Handout HERE.

5) On June 5th, 2010, Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals taught a class for beginners, intermediate, and advanced tarot readers! Come sink your teeth into tarot with us! CLICK HERE .

6) Tarot Minutes provide quick and fun education about each card. See all Tarot Minute archives below, on this page.

7) Wondering how to interpret cards that arrive upside-down? Join a whopping (free) class on reversals.  CLICK HERE.

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The cards are chosen randomly.
Below are the cards that have come up so far.
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This week's card:

 5 of Swords





























 What card will show up next week? Only the deck knows for sure!

Find out which cards make themselves public

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Below, Tarot Pete shares information about the Death Card.



Below, Tarot  Pete on the Strength Card.