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Tarot Dynamics Structure




Tarot Dynamics Five Basic Keywords.

 With Tarot Dynamics, choosing and using one keyword accompanied by a definition you can relate to is the first step towards enhancing rather than encumbering your intuition.


Karma is the principle keyword that brings the entire Major Arcana into perspective--and Karma isn’t always just about doing good deeds for other people. It can be as simple as knowing when to leave well enough alone, or finally stepping up to the plate to confront a matter that we’ve been avoiding. Each good or bad habit that we break ends some cycle of self-induced Karma, while each new goal we undertake sets a different chain of Karmic opportunities and challenges in motion.


CHANGE is the principle keyword for each Wand card in the Tarot. Whatever the situation, Wands can help you accept the necessity of making some changes and adapt to others.


EMOTION is the principle keyword for each Cups card in the Tarot. Whatever the situation, Cups can enable you to keep maters flowing at an easy pace-- or freeze everything in its’ tracks.


CHALLENGE is the principle keyword for each Sword in the Tarot. Whatever the situation, Swords suggests that you to stop and consider whether you are moving in the best--or simply the most convenient direction.


AMBITION is the principle keyword for each Pentacle in the Tarot. Whatever the situation, in addition to breaking new ground and planting new seeds, ambition also relates to reaping harvest – whether in the form of advantages or disadvantages.


Tarot Dynamics Major Arcana

 The Major Arcana represents spiritual karma, which we are forever resolving, creating and/or recreating. Aside from their individual definitions each card also corresponds to a simple personal strength, such as patience, that is about to be tested, rewarded, or that we may soon need to call upon. Major Arcana Cards two through ten also represent the higher vibration of subject cards two through ten from the Minor Arcana.


Tarot Dynamics Minor Arcana

 Minor Arcana Cards: reveal the mood, behavior or situation that reward or test the personal strengths of the Major Arcana Cards in connection with matters that are, or will be happening now.  Readings are like life-- it’s the smaller episodes that make the biggest differences.


 Tarot Dynamics Court Cards

 Although Court cards CAN SOMETIMES imply closer involvement or contact with influential people such as close friends, older people or authority figures, they ALWAYS trigger some form of personal regeneration or degeneration ( ie. back-sliding!)


Tarot Dynamics Subject Cards

 Cards two (2) through ten (10) in each suit of the Minor Arcana are known as the Subject Cards. Though not as dramatic as the Court Cards, Subject Cards wield a power all their own. Whether or not they bring good tidings, unlike Major Arcana Cards, the Subject Cards often have a stronger impact upon your immediate agenda, which is what holds the key your future.


2’s Keyword: Interaction. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 2’s correspond to your interactions and your level of attachment which depends upon how much you feel you are receiving in return. Despite its fondness for company twos also contain an element of self-interest and self-preservation. The suit that rules subject card two (2) will indicate whether you’ll find it easier or more challenging to interact constructively with other people.


3’s Keyword: Thinking and Networking. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 3’s stimulate your thinking and networking abilities--how you absorb and react to what is happening to you and around you. The suit that rules subject card three (3) will indicate how your mind-set or mood more could benefit or harm your communications.


 4’s Keyword: Incentive/Security. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 4’s correspond to your incentive and security—they stimulate your sense of belonging. 4’s are all about your ability to devise and maintain a solid material and emotional foundation. As such, they can also influence or suggest your incentive for beginning, completing or quitting matters. The suit that rules subject card four (4) will indicate whether you’re holding your ground in matters, preparing to launch a new project or simply looking for someplace to hide from circumstances that you aren’t yet ready to confront.


5’s Keyword: Conflict (of interest) Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana with any 5 the stronger your attraction to, or irritation with someone or something the easier you can convince yourself that the end will justify the means.  The suit that rules subject card five (5) will indicate whether your efforts to get your way in matters are likely to prove more exasperating or rewarding.


6’s Keyword: Commitment. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 6’s test or reward your level of commitment—to your personal well-being as well as the comfort and security of everything or anyone that is important to you. Since they can also address your general health, daily routine and willingness to make whatever changes may be necessary 6’s represent more of a means to an end—than the end itself. 


7’s Keyword: Relationships. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 7’s are all about erecting and maintaining relationships that are mutually constructive, and interdependent – rather than co-dependant. The suit that rules subject card seven (7) will indicate whether now is your time to shine or revise your strategy.


8’s Keyword: Renovation. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 8’s can help you meet virtually any challenge, even when you feel unable or you’d rather not try. The suit that rules subject card eight (8) will indicate whether it will be a little easier or more challenging for you to improve or renovate matters in the near future.


9’s Keyword: Understanding. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana all 9’s test your beliefs and understanding in ways and at times that will surprise you. 9’s can also keep your goals and conscience in synch; by helping you make sound choices and decisions based upon logic rather than emotion. Best of all they can enable you to view your past experiences, present situation and future goals from three distinct vantage points –the philosopher, the politician and the prophet. The suit that rules subject card nine (9) will indicate whether you will find it a little easier or more challenging to expand your outlook for the betterment of matters.


10’s Keyword: Achievement. Whether from the Major or Minor Arcana, 10’s are all about your desire for achievement. Whenever a 10 appears in your spread, whether other people and matters are standing in the way of your goals or helping you achieve them it can lend you what you need to succeed, or set you on a completely different path. Whatever your situation, you have everything you need now whether to perservere or chart a better course. The suit that rules subject card ten (10) will indicate the manner in which you could create or cost yourself the outcome you most desire.


© 2010 Anna Cook, used with permission

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 The reading we do uses cards from the Golden Botticelli deck. T

hey were pictured on  and are shown below:

 2 of Swords                              6 of Cups                    Knight of Wands


 The above cards are from the Golden Botticelli tarot deck. 



We also discuss the 5 of Pentacles card and some of its varied meanings.

It is pictured below.

The above card is from the Universal Waite deck.