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Tarot Dynamics class with Anna Cook


Graphics below were made more beautiful by Catherine Chapman of  Thank you, Catherine!


The hand-out below accompanies the beginner's tarot class on

Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe, aired on 7/25/10.

That class can be accessed HERE.



Although one can read any Tarot deck —  I recommend
either the Rider-Waite or Universal Tarot Cards because they are
the most economical and readily available from virtually every better known
bookstore. Upon returning home, please remove the cards from
the box and their cellophane wrapper. Discard the cellophane and any
cards that contain advertisements, then shuffle the cards for a few
moments taking care to mix them up well before you return them to
the box. During the days before our session, keep the box of cards
near you as you perform your daily routine and feel free to shuffle
them occasionally.

Take a few moments to shuffle your cards thoroughly before you call
the studio. Relax while shuffling your cards and simply focus upon
random (rather than specific) thoughts that soothe and calm you. No
worries, no wishes -- just put yourself in your personal “happy place”,
on a beach, in a forest, by a waterfall. Should you be unfamiliar with
the Tarot please print out and keep the following diagrams near you so
that you can refer to it we are laying out the cards.
Before you call the studio:

After shuffling your cards place the entire deck of Tarot cards in front
of you with the pictures facing down. Using your left hand please cut
the deck into three stacks (the stacks needn’t be even) bringing each
stack towards you, like this.


Then I’ll ask you to turn each stack over (one at a time) so that you

can see the picture on the top card and as you do so you’ll place them
like this.

 Once we begin you’ll notice that some of the cards have names at the
bottom such as Strength or the Magician, while others simply have
Roman Numerals. Whenever you turn over a card that has no name at
the bottom please tell me the number and the symbol that
accompanies it, such as the 4 of Cups, or the 2 of Pentacles.
Here are the names and pictures of the 4 symbols



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