Donnaleigh's Lessons





  • What is the Tarot Blog Hop? This was borne out of a suggestion made by Stephanie Arwen Lynch on her Facebook page. The Tarot Blog Hop is when a group of bloggers all blog on the same question/topic and link to the blogger before them and the blogger after them to create a Tarot Train.




  • When do we post? The date & time will be announced in the document for each round.


  • What should I write about? Anything that involves the topic and Tarot or an Oracle of some type. The new topic is provided to the group each month.





Feel free to use any of the following

buttons or images below:

Just live link them to the blogs you've been told come before/after you.

If saved as Pings (PNG files), they will retain their transparency on your site.

Right-click on the image/s you want and choose "Save Picture As."



You can use the following images on your blog as well if you wish

(again, saving as a PNG retains its transparency)