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 Donnaleigh's Whip-Em-Up-Fast Tarot Bag


On January 29, 2011, Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds aired

an episode about tarot crafts...

That episode can be heard HERE

Below you'll find the handout for making the 20-minute Tarot Bag.

To see the remaining handout for that episode, CLICK HERE.

         Fringe & Earring                              Two Pins  with Ribbon for Embellishment 



At left, an old pair of shorts

made into the same tarot bag. 

No charm embellishment  needed!



 Another idea:

Add a few pony beads to the ribbons

 above the knot just before you tie it closed

(see a sample HERE of how Baba Studios does this with their gorgeous tarot bags).





What You Need:
Any Fabric
(old jeans will do, an old, torn quilt, old blanket)
Scissors for cutting fabric
Matching Thread, needle, (optional: Sewing Machine)
Ruler (optional)
34" of 1/2" wide ribbon (or cording)
Charm (optional)
On backside of fabric, measure and mark/draw
with pen the measurements to cut:

Want to make your own easy custom charm
for your bag? CLICK HERE or HERE.
Oriental Trading Post has bulk charms cheap HERE.
You can tack on an old earring that has lost its mate,
or an old piece of jewelry you treasure but rarely wear.
The top picture on this page features an earring and a tassel together.
 I'd love to see pictures of the crafts you've made after hearing this episode.
Won't you send them along so we can share them with the world?