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If a friend had just $50 to spend on a tarot library, which book/s would you want to be sure they absolutely did not miss?

You can help us create a Tarot Book Hall of Fame.


If you have been particularly impressed with a tarot book,

we want to hear from you!



 Introducing, a new feature on Your Tarot Tribe, Beyond Worlds: Podcast Audio Book Reviews. These reviews are designed to inspire tarot enthusiasts worldwide, to highlight the best of tarot books. We would like to include 5-10 minute segment reviews on the tarot books that inspire you most.


We may also render these audio reviews into separate, searchable, brief podcast review segments that can be heard independently of the full-length podcasts.


We hope this will become a valued resource for people seeking ways to learn about tarot through books that are well-loved, done in a format that allows you to listen to the reviews on-the-go!


Which books are best for readers new to tarot? 

Which books would you suggest for more experienced readers seeking advanced methods?


What we're looking for:

(suggestions to consider in your review):
  • Favorite techniques, tips, ideas, or theories you learned
  • Share/highlight an item from the book to highlight its writing style or format as well as a sample topic to seek within it
  • What makes it stand out from other books in its field
  • Why you would want it to be one of your top recommendations
  • If there is anything you as an author would have added or changed or expanded
  • How this book impacted your readings, if it did.
  • Where the book can be purchased, if it is not available at major book sellers 



There are important guidelines

to our review format:


We have received questions on how critical people can be with the book reviews. This is a place to showcase the best, not the lesser loved books.

Here are guidelines:


  •  Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds has a strong community vibe. Respect, professionalism, and friendliness are part of what we do. This is key to reviews we feature.
  • These book reviews are designed to inspire tarot enthusiasts worldwide, and to put a spotlight on the best and most helpful tarot literature available today. 
  • We want to highlight the books that excite you. "If they could only take 5 books on a desert island, which would you recommend they bring?"
  • Pros and cons of books are welcome, as well as professional suggestions.
  • Anything insulting or with barbs is not in keeping with our goal to foster and support community respect and will not be permitted. Professionalism is key.
  • We honor when reviews have a wish list: things the reader might have done somewhat differently than the author or suggestions to the author for future considerations (or things that might have come across as confusing).  These sort of critique for things within a book are absolutely fine and welcome.
  • We want complete honesty, so if you do not feel positive about something, do not be dishonest.
  • If you did not understand a part of a book, or if you felt some parts were better than  others, do mention this.
  • We are not interested in the "bad" books you read. We are interested in books that excite you, inspire you, books that open your mind.
  • We do want the reviews to be honest; there are professional ways to do that and word things so an idea can be conveyed without barbs.
  • Reviewers are welcome to share their website URL as a part of the review. This is a good opportunity to get your name out there.
  • Got stage fright? We can arrange a private pre-recording, just you and DL.
  • Pre-recording can be arranged, at times convenient to you.


Important: Beyond Worlds is recognized for its community vibe, strong community support, and positivity. Negativity is not a part of our show  goals, agenda, nor is it on our radar. So anything that belittles does not fit the goals of our audio reviews that are designed to inspire. Pros and cons of books can be mentioned, though, yes. This is your opportunity to professionally express your feelings.


How To Participate


Email Donnaleigh at, or message her through Facebook at Let her know which book inspires you, and why it should be reviewed.


Let's get the best books out there and create a

Tarot Book Hall of Fame!