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Scott Dodson

On October 16, 2010, Scott Dodson of joined Beyond Worlds to discuss Astrology, Numerology, and Elements in Tarot. He referenced the cards, below.


To hear that episode, CLICK HERE.


The top row is from Ciro Marchetti's Tarot of Dreams.

The bottom row is the Rider Waite Smith Deck.




RED: Passion, Energy, Courage, Aggression, Desire, Action, Force, Sex, Wounds, Strength, and Vitality. Also the color of the planet Mars.

ORANGE: Pride, Ego, Ambition, Vitality, Authority, Decisiveness, Force. Color of Fire and Leo the Lion

YELLOW: Illumination, Masculine will power, intellect, and Caution.      

BLUE: Spirit, Contemplation, Reflection, the Unconscious, Feelings, Emotion, Intuition, Idealism, Devotion, the Sky and the Ocean.

GREEN: Fertility, Hope, Fertilization, Growth, Safety, Abundance, New Life, Health, Youth, Serenity, and Money

PURPLE: Power, Justice, Esoteric knowledge, Royalty, Pride.

GREY: Depression, Grief, Sadness, Mourning, Reconciliation, color of wisdom gained from difficulties, and Storm Clouds.

BLACK: Darkness, Death, Endings, Destruction, Sin, Negativity, Night, Ignorance, Materialism,Resurrection, Occult secrets, the Unknown.

SILVER: Mystery, Reflection, Hidden Knowledge, Psychic ability,           Emotions, the Moon, Feminine Intuition, Inner Life, the Goddess.         

WHITE: Purity, Truth, Joy, Happiness, Life, Enlightenment, Illumination, Day Light, Openness. 

GOLD: Success, Glory, Radiance, Attainment, the metal Gold, that        which is Divine.                                                                    


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