Donnaleigh's Lessons




On January 7, 2012, James Ricklef joined us on Your Tarot Tribe, Beyond Worlds. James asked if Katrina Wynne could join us in our activity, and Mike Hernandez cohosted as well.


That episode can be heard HERE.


Below is the handout to that episode.

 Red Riding Hood asks:

 "I'm traveling through the dark woods to Grandma's house.

How will that visit go?" 


  1.  Path you are on
  2. What you will encounter
  3. What may help you through



Charlie Brown asks:

  I am in love with the little red-haired girl,

but she doesn't seem to notice me.

Is there anything I can do so that she might set her sights on me? 

  1. Background
  2. Challenge
  3. Advice/what may help you



Bob Cratchit wonders:

  "I want to ask my boss for a raise. What do I need to know about doing that?"


  1.  Foundation
  2. Challenge
  3. What you need to know/advice


Christopher Columbus asks:

"I'm looking for a new way to reach India. How will my voyage go?" 


  1.  Considerations - What you need to know about the situation you face
  2. Additional factors - What you can do about it
  3. The Probable Outcome


4) Lesson learned


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