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Above, French Cartomancy Lenormand, borders removed





 Beyond Worlds, Your Tarot Tribe, is proud to bring you free lessons on the Lenormand Oracle.

Enjoy our "Little Lenormand Lessons in our podcast links below,

as well as our multitude of video tutorials.




A List of Lenormand Learning Resources: From Books to Websites

What's the difference between The Lenormand and Tarot?

To download FREE Lenormand decks, see the bottom of this blog.

How to choose your first Lenormand deck.

One Card Meanings for Beginners

Here is a trick to memorizing all 36 cards of the deck by number/title (great for Grand Tableaus!) I cannot seem to get this link to work....copy and paste if necessary.

The  difference in story telling: Lenormand vs they each see the same situation.

6 Tips for Asking Clearer Lenormand Questions

How NOT to Make a Lenormand Deck, and How to Choose a Clear, Functional Reading Deck.

Exploring Grand Tableaus When Starting Your Lenormand Journey

How to Ask Negative Questions of the Lenormand & Still Get Clear Readings (Flip It!)

My Favorite Lenormand Deck (and 2nd Runner Up), plus a wee little bit of Lenormand deck history, 3 minute video.

Can you be a good card reader if you're not spiritual? 6 minute video.




1) Beginner's Lenormand Class with Melissa Hill  -  Handout here

2)  Advanced Lenormand Class with Rana George   -  Handout here

3) Significators with Rana George, 27 minutes

4)  Little Lenormand Lesson: Using Key Cards. Cards 1-7 (Rider through Snake) with Rana George. 26 minutes

5)  Little Lenormand Lesson: Using Key Cards # 8-14 (Coffin through Fox) with Rana George  25 minutes

6) Little Lenormand Lesson: Using Key Cards 15 - 19 (Bear through Tower). 17 minutes 

7) Little Lenormand Lesson.  Key Cards 20 - 26 (Garden through Book). 21 minutes

8) Little Lenormand Lesson: Cards 27- 36 (Letter thru Cross)  24 minutes

9)  Little Lenormand Lesson: Physical Descriptions of People, Cards 1-11   26 minutes

10) Little Lenormand Lesson:  Physical Descriptions of People, Cards 11-21   27 minutes

11) Little Lenormand Lesson:  Physical Descriptions of People, Cards 22-33    25 minutes

12) Little Lenormand Lesson:  Physical Descriptions of People, Cards 34-36 & Activities  25 minutes

13) Little Lenormand Lesson: Personality Descriptions, 1/Rider through 14/Fox  22 minutes

14) Little Lenormand Lesson, Personality Descriptions, 15/Bear thru 24/Heart, 21 minutes

15)  Lenormand Personality Descriptions (25/Ring thru 36/Cross)  29 minutes

16)  Lenormand Celebrity Combos for Physical Descriptions  36 minutes (listen to the previous classes on physical descriptions before attempting this one). Those are listed in order on this blog.



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For Beginners:

What is the Difference Between Tarot & Lenormand?

And...a spoof...

The difference between Tarot and Lenormand, below (2 1/2 minutes)

For Beginners:

One card meanings for a "Kick in the Pants" Lenormand Video.

A quick'n dirty lesson, challenged by Melissa Hill.

You can see Melissa's original Kick-in-the-Pants video HERE.


For Beginners:

Beginner Class: One-Card Meanings of all 36 Cards (French System)

  The blog text (written meanings) that accompanies this video

can be found HERE.

For Beginners:

The differences between the Moon, Stars, and Sun cards.


For beginners:

The difference between the 2 Lenormand Liars: The Fox & The Snake

For Beginners:

Pairing Cards in Lenormand Readings

For Beginners:

See how Lenormand Cards are read as Pictographs, NOT as Tarot Cards:


For Beginners:

A Lenormand Pairing Activity You Can Try At Home

Do Lenormand Images in Different Decks Change the Meanings?

The video below addresses the consistency in readings

between different Lenormand decks.

For Beginners:

Pairing Cards for Combined Meanings: The Snake Card

For Beginners:

Card Order Matters

For Beginners:

Tarot is Visual: Lenormand is Verbal

For Beginners:

Quick Yes/No Spread


For Beginners

Applying 2-Card Blends to Readings


For Beginners

2-Card Blends Describing Jobs/Corporations



For Beginners:
2 Card Blends Using The Birds Card

For Beginners

2 Card Blends Using the Dog Card

For Beginners: 2 Card Blend Practice using the Fish + Star

For Beginners

Whip + Bouquet, 2 card blend, 2 minutes

This pair could mean an apology after an argument...or so much more.

For Beginners:

2 Cards Blends using Ring & Path

Beginner:  Bouquet & Scythe

Combination Practice

Beginner:  Bouquet & Scythe

(Reversing the above combination).

Combination Practice

Beginner:  Letter & Ring

40 Second Flash Combination Practice

Beginner:  Letter & Bouquet

40 Second Flash Combination Practice

When Do We Use Intuition in Lenormand Readings?

Keeping your readings pure and accurate depends on using

the right amount of intuition, and the right amount of tradition.

Here's how.

For Beginners:

Lenormand Combination Practice: Broom/Snake

For Beginners:

Lenormand Pairing Practice: Letter & Scythe

For Beginners:

Birds + Fox, 2 minute combination practice:

For Beginners:

3 card reading, creating a sentence, 35 seconds.

For Beginners:

Ship + Letter, 1 minute combination practice:

Beginner to Intermediate:

40 Second Reading: Sample sentence created with a 4-card Lenormand line.

For Beginners

Describing Religion through Lenormand

For Beginners to Intermediate:

Yes/No Technique with Added Details in the Answer


For Beginners:

Yes/No Question, 1 minute

 For Beginners:

Playing With 3-Card Readings to Learn the Language of Lenormand

 For Beginners (or any level):

3-Card Lenormand Mystery Spread



For Beginners and Up

Going from Small Spreads to Larger Ones


For Beginners Going to Intermediate:

Double Line of Three

For Beginners:

Bringing it Back to the Question.

Referring back to the original question in small spreads is key to accuracy.

Here's why.

For Beginners:

A tutorial on how readings can get sloppy when not addressing the question, with tips on how to keep your questions tight and crisp.

Lenormand Readings Gone Wrong

Why Context is Key In Small Spreads.


How card order alters the action in the reading.

For Beginners:

Mixing the Psychology of Tarot with the Nuts & Bolts of Lenormand

in a Very Small Spread.


 Beginner to Intermediate:

Is the Lenormand Snake a Woman?

Beginner to Intermediate:

Demonstration of a Lenormand Choice Spread 

 For Intermediate Users:

Sample (short) line reading using a significator:


For Beginner to Intermediate Readers:

Decision Spread


Do we read Lenormand left to right? Or right to left?

Beginner to Intermediate:

Using Your Favorite Tarot Spread with the Lenormand System



Beginner to Intermediate:

3 Card Lenormand Spreads 

(sentences, semantics, and blends)



Starts Beginner, ends Intermediate:

The  Difference in How Tarot & The Lenormand Read, and how to capitalize on those differences.


How the Double Line of 3 is a Slice Right out of the Grand Tableau


Baby Steps: Your Very First 9-Card Lenormand Spread


How to do a 9-Card Lenormand Spread:



Level 2 of Using Your Favorite Tarot Reading in a Lenormand Reading,

then adding the blending of positions.


 Intermediate Users:

Should you always consider using court cards in very small Lenormand Readings?

Intermediate Users:

Using a line reading to see upcoming financial options.


Intermediate Users:

Can you use both the Lenormand and Tarot in the same reading and stay true to each system?

Yes. Here is how:

Intermediate Users:

Is directionality used in the Lenormand Man/Woman cards?

Some do. I don't. Here's why.

4 minute tutorial, below.

Intermediate Users:

Lenormand 9 Card Spread Using BOTH Lenormand  & Tarot:



Actual reading combining tarot & Lenormand, while staying true to the oracles. "How can I develop my business, and how can I develop my psychic abilities?"



Part A: Choices and the Crossroads Card (putting it to work in your spreads)



Part B: The Crossroads Card continued, and the one small word that can increase the accuracy of your readings and add layers of meaning.




My Favorite Fast Lenormand Spread: Double Line of 5


Predictive Reading: "Will I get the job?"

Advanced Technique:

Navigating Your First Grand Tableau

Advanced Technique: Using Grand Tableaus:

Technique for adding extra dimension to your reading after your Grand Tableau is complete.



Advanced Technique ~ Bending the Rules:

Using Lenormand Houses in Small Spreads

Advanced Technique:

Another way to use houses in small spreads...with a single deck:

Intermediate to Advanced Technique:

Using Books and Movies to Hone your Lenormand Skills


 Advanced: Celebrity Mystery!

Using Lenormand to Describe Someone's Physique and Personality


 Advanced: Celebrity Mystery #2

Using Lenormand to Describe Someone's Physique and Personality


 Advanced: Celebrity Mystery #3

Using Lenormand to Describe Someone


 Mystery Celebrity #4 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Using Lenormand  to Describe Someone



Mystery Celebrity  #5 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Using Lenormand to Describe Someone


Mystery Celebrity #6 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Using the Lenormand to Describe People


Advanced Tutorial:

Mystery Celebrity #7

Describing someone and their story through randomly drawn cards.


Advanced Class:

Where the Significator (Man/Lady card) lands shifts the energy of the reading.

Here's how.

Advanced Class:

How To Do a Grand Tableau Reading (Sample 1)


Advanced Class:

How to Read a Grand Tableau (Sample 2)


Advanced Class:

What to do if the significator ends up

either on the far left line or the far right line.


Advanced Tutorial:

Actual Grand Tableau Reading (Sample #3)

Demonstrating 3 People in one Reading



 Advanced Tutorial:

The Moreau Spread, a 25-Card Spread that is like a mini-tableau.


Advanced: A Grand Tableau Used as a Paternity Test!

"Who's Your Daddy?"