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On November 20, 2011, the creators of The Kingdom Within Tarot joined us on your Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds.

That episode can be heard HERE.


Below is the handout to that episode.



 Junos Lucina                             Shannon Thornfeather








Unveil the mysteries of the Tarot by exploring the connection between the ancient systems of astrology and Qabalah, incorporating shared archetypes of humanity and basic myths that infuse our holy traditions. Through exploring fundamental interconnections, the author forms not only a practical method of divination to help you reclaim your own truth, but also an accurate map to guide you in remembering and reawakening to the absolute Truth, reclaiming yourself and your place within existence. This search has been the root of all great religions and philosophies throughout the ages, which describes humanity as asleep in a world unaware of spirit or real meaning. Use any standard tarot deck with this guide, to unlock these mysteries, to discover the Kingdom of Heaven, the Buddha Within, the City of Brahman, the Philosopher's Stone…and to unearth the divine secrets that you've, too long, buried within.  


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For the upcoming tarot deck with Moncia Knighton (The Healing Tarot):

The 7 of Swords pulled for the Dear Di segment.
From the Motherpeace Tarot available HERE.