Donnaleigh's Lessons


What is the best way to ask a question?

How you phrase your question is very important.

Are you doing your own readings? If so, HERE is a post on how to craft clear questions for your readings.

  • First, avoid the natural tendency to ask yes/no questions. Experience has taught me that most outcomes are not purely "yes" or "no," but may be shades of each. Also, the choices you make may shift outcomes, and tarot has the wisdom to guide you in the right direction toward the goal you seek.  Instead of asking a question like, "will I find my true love," ask "what can I do to manifest my true love in  my life?" A question like "will I get together again with my old boyfriend" is very limiting because all you get is a yes/no answer. Better asked is the question, "tell me about the relationship with  my boyfriend," or "what was the issue of my relationship," or "what would be the best way to reconnect with my old boyfriend?" These formats give you better direction on changing an outcome that is not necessarily fixed but is changeable based on your actions.
  • Vague questions result in vague answers. Be very clear about what you want to know and ask it very clearly. Tarot will clearly show the energy in your situation, but in order for me to describe it to you so you can understand it as it pertains to you, I need to connect the dots to know what tarot is talking about. Then I can use the right words and situations to give you the clearest answers and outcomes. Vague questions will compromise how much information I can give you.
  • Questions about specific time lines are discouraged because this can change in a flash if you decide to alter the way you approach the situation. How long will it take for you to do the dishes? That depends on when you plan on getting up out of your seat and what you do before you get to the dishes. And if I tell you you will get there, will you just passively wait for the dishes to come to you? My readings are more proactive, giving you strategies on how to get there. So if you ask a time line question, tarot will help you arrive there faster or with better results.
  • Stating specifics in your question is critical. If you ask "will I get the job," you are best advised to be specific about which job and during what time frame. Otherwise the reading may respond to you getting a job that my be 15 years down the road. Specifics in a question are key to your getting a clear answer.
  • Avoid questions about medical diagnoses or outcomes, legal advice, or financial advice are best left to those professionals: doctors, attorneys, and financial advisors. These are against my code of ethics and are best discussed with the properly licensed professionals.

  • Avoid questions like "will I..." when it comes to a decision you will make for yourself. Because YOU can change that decision at any given moment! However, if it is something like "what is the likelihood that I will be accepted for the job" is legitimate, because this is impacted by the outcome of another person's decision, not yours.

  • Questions about the near future are more accurate than those about the distant future. Things happening in your life 5 years from now will likely be very different than your wants and needs of today, and because so many decisions will be made by you between now and then, the long-term results can change considerably. Remember, you always have the power of Free Will and Tarot won't change that power.

 Great ways to start a question are open-ended, as follows:

  • What do I need to know or do in order to _________ ? state your desired outcome
  • What does Spirit want me to know about ___________? state your subject matter
  • What does Spirit/my Angels want me to know?
  • What is most likely to happen between now and (specific amount of time) regarding ________? (state your subject matter)
  • Tell me about ________
  • What can I do to better the outcome of ____________
  • How can I improve _____________
  • What is the best strategy to help me through this situation?
  • What are the challenges I need to overcome with __________?
  • I am applying to two colleges. What will be the direction of each if I am accepted for both and need to choose? _________________________
  • What is the best strategy I should use for my upcoming job interview?
  • There are two jobs I'm applying for now. What will be the direction or outcome of each if I were hired, so that I know which job will best suit my interests?
  • And be careful...if you ask if you will find a new love, that will discount the old love you may come across later and wish to reconnect with.
  Things you can do to improve your reading:
  • Get clear on what you want to know.
  • Ask a clear question with the specifics you need addressed.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Focus your thoughts.
  • Seek information that will empower you to achieve a goal.


    Donnaleigh, CPTR