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The Goddess Circle Spread by Kris Waldherr


On September 19, 2010, Kris Waldherr joined Beyond Worlds - Your Tarot Tribe for a live interview. She shared with us her Goddess Circle spread, below.


The episode with Kris Waldherr can be heard HERE.


The beautiful graphic below was enhanced by Beyond World's Graphic Diva, Catherine Chapman of Thank you for beautifying our handout, Catherine!


The Goddess Circle tarot spread.


 Card 1: The gifts or talents you offer the world.
Card 2: Ways you can support these gifts and talents.
Card 3: The people surrounding you at this time.
Card 4: Ways others encourage and support you and your talents.
Card 5: The opportunities of the moment.
Card 6: Your hopes and concerns at this time.
Card 7: Your higher purpose in the world at this time.
Card 8: Overall guidance for the near future.



The Lover's Spread


1) The foundation of the love relationship

2) The second where the couple is at the moment

3) The potential for the relationship


This eight card spread was created by Kris Waldherr for the Goddess Tarot iPhone app. It is intended to offer a meditative examination of your life at this moment. To learn more about he work of Kris Waldherr and the Goddess Tarot, visit