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  On January 29, 2012, Ciro Marchetti joined Your Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds, to talk about his two newest decks:

 1)  The Gilded Tarot Royale, which is the updated version of the Gilded Tarot, considered one of the 10 most popular tarot deck of all times. 

 2)  The Oracle of Visions, a unique oracle deck kit with exquisite imagery.


That episode can be heard HERE.






















32 X 24 inch Gilded Royale Reading Cloth can be ordered HERE.





Belonging                                                    Leap of Faith


Leap of Faith (Detail)



 Harmony                                                        Fate


Harmony (Detail)


Fate (Detail)



Letting Go                                                    Illusions


 Letting Go (Details)



    Secrets                                               Anticipation



   The Gilded Tarot Royale can be purchased here.

 The Oracle of Visions can be purchased here.