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Enrique Enriquez and the Marseilles Tarot Deck

On July 30, 2010, Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe aired an episode featuring

Enrique Enriquez. We discussed the Marseilles Tarot and poetry.

 That episode can be heard HERE.


 Below is the hand-out to show the imagery in the cards we discuss in that episode.


The entire Marseilles Deck can be viewed at




Two Key Questions to ask when looking at cards:

 1) What is happening (forget all you know)

2) How does this feel? (What does this remind  you of?)




Medieval art was created with 4 levels of interpretation in mind:

1) Literal (i.e., In this card we see a Devil)

2) Allegorical/What it represents (i.e., The Devil represents addictions)

3) Moral (ethical/moral considerations of addictions)

4) Anagogical (revelations/eliciting meaning that isn't necessarily drawn  in the picture)



Learn more about Enrique Enriquez at his website:


 His e-book can be purchased at: