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 On March 27, 2011, Emily Carding joined Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds to talk about her new tarot deck, The  Tarot of the Sidhe.

That episode can be heard HERE.

Below is the handout for that class. 

 Larger images of the cards can be seen HERE.


 Larger images of the cards can be seen HERE.


The cards in the spread above translate to:

1) Fool

2) 2 of Pentacles (Maker Two/Responsibility)

3) 10 of Cups (Dancer 10/Heartsong)

4) Ace of Swords reversed (The Dreamer/Air)

5) Judgement  reversed

6) Hanged Man reversed

7) Temperance

8) 8 of Wands reversed (Warrior 8/Dragonflight)



To learn more about Emily Carding,

or to view larger images of these cards, 


or go directly to the deck images by clicking HERE.