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On March 5, 2011, Patrick Valenza joined Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds to talk about his Deviant Moon Tarot and other decks.

Below is the handout for that episode, which can be heard HERE or on iTunes if you search "Tarot Tribe" by date.


Deviant Moon Tarot is used with permission of US Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. 

Copyright 2008 by US Games Systems.  Further reproduction prohibited.


Question to the Deviant Moon Tarot:

How can we better tap into the Deviant Moon Tarot? 



"How can we better tap into the Deviant Moon Tarot?"


1 - the way most people will likely read/perceive the cards when they first engage with them

2 - the inherent benefits that this deck will bring to readers, and the advantages it brings.

3 - the challenge for many readers with this deck

4 - its hidden influence

5 - Advice from this deck (and its creator) on how to best access the hidden knowledge of this deck

6 - what is the future of Patrick Valenza as he pertains to tarot development?


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