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On June 12, 2011, Dale Howard joined Your Tarot Tribe - Beyond  Worlds to share her Raise Your Glass spread.

That episode can be heard HERE.

Below is the handout for that episode.


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This spread is a toast to the client.  It’s about empowerment.  It’s about appreciating the good things and being willing and able to look inside and out to make things better for themselves and others – to live “their fullest life”!  It resembles a martini or (my personal favorite) a margarita glass.

Choosing a Significator:  from a second deck, have the client select a card that appeals to them at this given moment.   It could represent them or a situation they are dealing with.  Place that card face up to use as a reference point. (S)

Client mixes/shuffles the primary tarot deck then cuts the deck twice creating three uneven piles.  You then find which pile contains the Significator card they selected.  Set aside the other two piles, and have the client reshuffle the pile containing the Significator.

Lay the cards face down in the pattern shown from 1-10.  Cards 11 – 13 are added once the entire glass has been read.  It is the straw that is inserted into the glass.

Foundation (1):  this position represents the foundation of the situation in the client’s life today.  This is placed horizontally and read as upright.

Glass Stem/backbone (2,3):  what is in the client’s DNA – how they would typically handle the situation.

Past/Lessons Learned (4,5):  may reveal past experiences accepted, resolved, mastered.

Current Focus (6,7):  what is happening now that requires attention, or that the client may be recognized or grateful for.

What’s in your glass (8,9,10):  what you see in the glass that the client is mastering, overcoming, or needs to appreciate at this time.  Placed horizontally, cards are read as upright.

Now add the straw!

Plunge to the depths (11):  listen to the cards.  Does plunging the tip of the straw inside the glass stir things up or create an infusion that enhances what’s within?  You determine if its influence should be applied to cards 6 & 7 or 8,9,10. 

Outside the glass/near-term focus (12):  what should the client be paying attention to, releasing, or rejoicing about in the near term?

Outside the glass/longer-term focus (13):  what is on the horizon for the client, and how can that insight provide guidance for the situation at hand?

Finally – Did the  Significator make an appearance?  Where?

Wrap-by reminding the client why the glass should be raised for them at this time!

 Below, the Infinite Visions Tarot


Above, the Infinite Visions Tarot