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Tarot of the Crone

On 7/31/10, Beyond Worlds, Your Tarot Tribe featured an episode

with guest Ellen Lorezi-Prince. That show can be found HERE.


Below is the hand-out for that episode. The graphics for this spread were made more beautiful by Beyond World's amazing Graphic Diva, Catherine Chapman, of


 Cronebody Spread  


            The Crone lives in a cronebody, a body that is changed from what it once was, and crafted of both spirit and flesh. This spread recognizes your human and material needs and situations, and suggests how you might fulfill those needs and address those situations. The cards are laid out in a diamond shape, setting the boundaries of your bodily existence, the four quarters, beginning at the root:                


            Let each card describe to you the situation, so that you know its energy and the manifestations it has taken in your life. And let it also instruct you in your best course of action, the requirement and the remedy implicit in the situation.


            1. Bones: the structure of your existence. (Earth) The card in this position speaks to your survival needs, to the root of your situation and its requirements. This position indicates health and physical abilities, as you are dependent for your life on your body and its care. It also indicates financial and other external physical resources that allow you to live your life as best you can.


            2. Flesh: the intimate surroundings of your existence. (Water) The card in this position speaks of your friends, family, lovers and neighbors. It indicates your bonding and social needs, addresses issues of emotional health, how you live with others and love with others.


            3. Blood: the juice of our existence. (Fire) The card in this position speaks to your needs for expression, creation and individual recognition. It indicates your lust and your enthusiasm. Our sexual needs, as well as the other gratifications and feedbacks your self demands. This card tells you how to stay juicy, lest you dry up and not want to live your own life.


            4. Breath: the environment of your existence. (Air) The card in this position speaks to your place in the web of life, your routines, habits and surroundings. What you take in and give out each day. How on a daily basis and in small ways you effect change in your world.


Sample Reading:


  The querent asks: How can I bridge my past path of pain and soul wounds with my present, which is filled with love and acceptance and gifts I've barely dared to glimpse? Yesterday's loneliness is etched into my DNA, and I don't want to lose its wisdom. But I also want to be open to all the potential joys the future holds, and not limit myself based on an old prison.


            The Crone responds:



 1.      Bones ~ Seven of Cups


            What was broken in the past was your belief in the power of your dreams, when this power was not recognized and could not be spoken of. What was broken was your structure of reality, again and again. So the pieces of dream and reality, they got mixed up, even though each denied the other. Which got them more mixed up. Your prison now was your younger self’s fortress and your younger self’s protection.

            Fantasy shows the way out. Because you’ve got the management of ordinary reality down, now that fortress can be dismantled and its timbers used to build the bridge. So go ahead and build big dreams for what might await you on the other side, for then your desires will build the bridge the sooner.


            2.   Flesh ~ Three of Disks

            The family card, here in the position of family. Which makes their influence sometimes overwhelming. How can the old prison be left behind, when some of your fellow inmates are still present? When the pattern of unsatisfactory relationship tries to overshadow your new requirements of relationship? Or to tarnish its beauty?

            By setting yourself along the right road, and walking it a bit further every day. And knowing that your goal is also what everyone else longs for, even if they can’t say it, or are too caught up in the past to see a different way. You have found those you can join hands with, who see and feel and desire the same goal, and who are willing to walk the road with you to reach it. It’s a step by step process. And with each step you check if your feet are still on the ground, if your hand is still holding to what you love, and you are facing what you want.

            Never worry about losing the old lessons. You never learn less on this road. But you can always learn more.


            3.   Blood ~ Ace of Wands

            Part of the prison was built by your inability to exercise your own will. The fire of your self-determination was banked and buried, and you found only small ways, and perhaps sometimes terrible ways, to express it and keep it alive. But whatever was done was what you needed at the time to keep your spirit from dying altogether.

            You feel alive and free when you can say what you feel, when you can say what you want, when you can say what you’ll do. And what you will not. You feel alive when you can take action, when you can initiate projects that inspire yourself and others. This is what you need to give to yourself every day, that in your own life - your will be done. 


            4.   Breath ~ Strength

            In the past, your spirit retreated from intimate involvement in your body and its earthly reality, wanting to live a free and separate life as much as possible. And the most basic key to your living the life you want to on a daily basis is calling it back in, and healing the mind/body split you grew up with. Your body longs for your spirit when it retreats, and your spirit longs to celebrate your body. It is time for you to rediscover the sacred sensual. Let the breeze on your face be a kiss from the gods, and the warmth of the sun be their embrace. Let the fact that you can move upon the earth be a wonder and a gift. 

            Strength is the card of the Healer. Not the wounded healer, but the healed one. Strength says you have a gift of healing to share with those who are wounded as you once were.


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