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On January 29, 2011, Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds

featured a show about crafting with tarot.

That episode can be heard HERE.


The handout for that episode follows.



with Cindy Seavert

(see Cindy's Ebay store HERE)




A link to the 2-part bar top epoxy Cindy used on her living room card table:



For her Fairy Tray, pictured below, Cindy used Polycrylic instead.

"Not nearly as nice a finish but easier to use."


Donnaleigh has used
Mod Podge, an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish, available at most craft stores.


Led by Ellen-Mary Keough O'Brien



- Tarot deck
- necklace chain
- bottle of Diamond Glaze
- jumprings
- blank charms
- lobster clasp and solid ring
- small round-nose pliers
- embossing stylus
- connectors
-a computer
-a scanner and an inkjet printer
-Workable Fixatif (spray)


 Jewelry Supply Links:


This is the acrylic lacquer Ellen-Mary used to affix the image to the charm and to coat the image to protect it.

 Scan all the Major Arcana cards in groups of four, then reduce the image size in Photoshop Elements so that the finished size is just a bit larger than the blank charms, then print them out. (She used) an inkjet printer &   let them sit overnight so they were dry. Using the blank charms as a template, cut the printed images and adhere them into the blank charms using a thin layer of acrylic lacquer. Then coat the image with a thicker layer of lacquer and let it dry overnight. Attach them to each other with jump rings and attach the strands of charms to a heavier chain. That's really it

Ellen-Mary's complete instructions with step-by-step photos HERE.

This is a great thing to do for Tarot spells or to create a talisman from a card whose energy you want to manifest or to keep in mind.


Lacquer Starter Kit

Photo Jewelry Supplies

Domed Resin Bubbles and Charms



How to make an Instant Photo Bracelet

(pictured right), or click picture -->


Videos about how to make resin jewelry'




 Easy photo/tarot charms

here and here.



Beth Seilonen's Link Suggestions

for Deck Creating




Card boxes, metal boxes,

velour bags at:




Beth will be joining Beyond Worlds Tarot on February 12, 2011.

You can set your reminder HERE.


Not artistically inclined? You can print out a PDF of Georgianna's 

"Georgie Tarot Deck" HERE.


For more information on Runes,
hear our episode  with Rune Expert, Kaedrick Olsen HERE.
And THIS site will help guide you with the rune symbols.


Rune Crafting & Little Magic Mojo Bags by Georgianna Boehnke


Georgie's photos by Kelly Catchings



At left, Witch's Runes

made of pond stones.


A great site for Witch's Rune Meanings.







To learn how to make

Donnaleigh's 20-minute

Tarot Bag pictured at left,










 I'd love to see pictures of the crafts you've made after hearing this episode.
Won't you send them along so we can share them with the world?