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Meditation Moment #2 is by Carolyn  Cushing of

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Visio Divina for Tarot

Contemplative Viewing


Visio Divina is an adaptation of Lectio Divina, an ancient practice for praying the scriptures from the Christian tradition in which a text is read a number of times as a way to inspired movement in meditative thinking and prayer.  Traditionally it is a 4 step process of Reading (or in this case Viewing), Meditating/Ruminiation, Prayer, and Contemplating.


Taking a Long Loving Look (Visio)




  1. Sit comfortably with the Tarot card (or any inspirational image) before you.  Gaze at it. Take “a long, loving look.” Then close your eyes and let some part of the image come into focus for you.  Spend a few moments with your eyes remaining closed to be with that image.   


  1. Open your eyes and gaze again at the card or image for a moment or two.  When you close your eyes again for a few moments perhaps a new image will come up for attention or the one from your first round will re-appear.  Accept what ever comes.


  1. You may want to repeat the process a third time. 



Ruminate (Meditatio)


Take up your journal and write or draw/doodle about what you saw / experienced.  Muse about what these images might mean to you.  Explore now with words and/or doodles for a few minutes. 


Insight and Prayer (Oratio)


Close your eyes and clear your mind with a few gentle breaths. Let some message of insight, gratitude, or supplication arise from your heart.  Be with this message / prayer.


Connecting with the Sacred (Contemplatio)


Rest in what you have received.  Be in the presence of what you hold sacred.




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