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 Below is a listing of our award-winning episodes of Your Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds by date, guest, and topic.

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On 10/6/19, Theresa Reed released a Tarot Bytes episode where the two of us discussed a topic close to our hearts: Tarot Journaling.  To listen, go to:

9/9/16  While not Beyond Worlds, I was honored to be the guest on Sorte Lenormand's 100th podcast.  Whether you speak English or Portugese, all the translations are provided.  If you cannot see the video below, CLICK HERE to be brought directly to YouTube.

4/12/16 While not Beyond Worlds, I was a guest on HiC Luttmers' podcast, The Amethyst Oracle: Divination with a Queer Twist. We talked about Oracles as Support During Challenging Times.

2/11/16 Not Beyond Worlds, but I guested on Andrew Kyle McCregor's The Hermit's Lamp Podcast. We talked about  Tarot & Lenormand and how their perceptions vary, reality paradigms in the cards, reader variabilities, reading ethics, and psychology vs. fortune-telling traits in readings...and more! 

4/17/14 Not Beyond Worlds, but I was a guest on Attune Magazine Radio. We talked about everything from Tarot to Lenormand to birds!

4/13/14 This isn't Beyond Worlds, but I was featured on the first 10 minutes of Christiana Gaudet's video program, Christiana's Psychic Cafe. Topic: Tarot and Kindness

1/2/14 Tarot: Saying Yes When the World Says No - Nadine Bernadette Roberts 

12/12/13 The Soul's Journey (Spirituality in Tarot) with James Ricklef (37 minutes)

9/28/13 Ciro Marchetti on Publishing. (Differences between self publishing a deck vs. using a large publishing house)

10/9/13 A podcast about podcasting! We discussed the benefits and challenges of having your own podcast. Plus 5 additional (blogged) wee tips on promoting yourself. Donnaleigh was a guest on Theresa Reed & Bri Saussy's "Talking Shop with Theresa & Bri." (This was not a Beyond Worlds Program).

9/7/2013  Astrology in Tarot with Tara Greene    Handout

8/8/13 Tarot Illuminati with Erik C. Dunna & Kim Huggens.  Handout

6/8/2013  Lenormand Celebrity Combos for Physical Descriptions 36 minutes. Before listening to this episode, be sure to first listen to our previous Lenormand tutorials on physical descriptions. Those are listed in order on this blog.

6/6/2013  Lenormand Personality Descriptions (25/Ring thru 36/Cross)  29 minutes

6/2/13 Little Lenormand Lesson, Personality Descriptions, 15/Bear thru 24/Heart, 21 minutes

5/27/13 Little Lenormand Lesson, Personality Descriptions, 1/Rider thru 14/Fox  22 minutes

4/6/13 Little Lenormand Lesson, Physical Descriptions of People, Cards 34-36 (Fish thru Cross) Plus Activities.   25 minutes.

4/5/13 Little Lenormand Lesson, Physical Descriptions of People , Cards 22-33 (Path thru Key)   25 minutes

4/1/13 Little Lenormand Lesson, Physical Descriptions of People, Cards 11-21 (Whip-Mountain)   27 minutes

3/31/13 Little Lenormand Lesson: Physical Descriptions of People, Cards 1-11   26 minutes

3/10/13 Readers Studio Warm-Up: Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, Nancy Antenucci, and Ferol Humphrey talk tarot and share some personal tarot techniques you can try at home.

10/8/2012  Little Lenormand Lesson: Cards 27- 36 (Letter thru Cross)

10/7/2012 Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, with Robert Place   Handout

9/27/12 Little Lenormand Lesson: Key Cards 20 - 26 (Garden through Book). 21 minutes.

9/27/12 Little Lenormand Lesson: Key Cards 15-19 (Bear through Tower), 17 minutes

8/19/2012 Beyond Tarot Intensive: MaleThrees (Wands & Swords)   Handout 

8/10/2012  Little Lenormand Lesson: Using Key Cards # 8-14 (Coffin through Fox)

8/5/2012 Little Lenormand Beginner Lesson with Rana George: Cards 1-7 (Rider through Snake).

7/29/2012  Beyond Tarot Intensive: Female Threes (Cups & Pentacles)     Handout

7/8/2012  Darkana Tarot with Janden Daniel Hale     Handout

7/2/12 Steampunk Tarot Audio Review by Angelo Nasios (10 minutes)

7/1/2012 Divining Methods with Robert Place 

6/24/2012  "Take Your Tarot Face to Face" with Marcus Katz      Handout

6/21/2012 Little Lenormand Lesson - SIGNIFICATORS with Rana George  (30 minutes)

6/16/12 Meditation Moment #8 - Anita Perez: Altars, Potions Moonlight & Herbs (1 hour)

6/10/12 Beyond Tarot Intensive: Female Twos (Cups & Pentacles)     Handout

5/20/2012  Advanced Lenormand Techniques with Rana George    Handout

5/19/2012 Lenomand Intro Class with Melissa Hill       Handout

 5/13/2012  Tarology Film: The Crew Joins Us to Share Secrets   Handout

4/22/2012  Alchemical Tarot Book - Robert Place

4/20/12 Mediation Moment - Chanah Liora Wizenberg - Entering a Card for Answers

4/15/12:  Beyond Tarot Intensive: Male Twos (Wands and Swords)

4/1/12 Part 2 of Boundaries for Readers (panel of 5 professional tarotists)

3/25/2012  Alchemy with Robert Place

3/18/2012 Toni Gilbert and Archetypes

3/11/2012  Robert Place & The Life of Pamela Coleman Smith

3/4/12  Healing with the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Deck & Workbook, Roxi Sim    Handout

2/26/2012   Richard Shadowfox: Deck of Heroes, ShadowFox Tarot, Tarot of the Night. Handout

2/22/2012  Book Review: Angelo Nasios & Tarot Spreads (book by Barbara Moore)

2/21/2012   Book Review by Linette Voller: Tarot Spreads & Layouts (by Jeanne Fiorini)

2/20/2012 Meditation Moment - Matt Williams, 3 Guided Tarot Meditations

2/20/2012  Meditation Moment #4 - Physical Yoga Through Tarot with Theresa Reed

2/12/2012  James Wanless & The Sustain Yourself Cards   Handout

2/5/2012  Boundaries for Readers -- Special Panel Discussion

1/29/2012 Ciro Marchetti: Gilded Royale & Oracle of Visions    Handout

1/22/12  The Cat's Eye Tarot with Debra Givin     Handout

1/15/2012 Beyond Tarot Intensive Class 14: The Female Aces   Handout  

1/7/2012  Stories and Tarot with James Ricklef & Katrina Wynne...     Handout

12/18/11 Raw Sex in Tarot (EXPLICIT, Over age 18 only)Handout

12/4/11  HiC Luttmers - Tarot Oils and Rituals         Handout

11/27/2011  Dreams & Tarot with Stacy LaRosa

11/20/11 The Kingdom Within Tarot    Handout

11/19/11  Rachel Pollack: Creativity with Tarot & Soul Forest   Handout

11/13/2011  Marie White & The Mary-el Tarot        Handout

11/6/2011  Carolyn Cushing -Different Decks for Different Needs   Handout

11/4/2011  Audio Book Review of Tarot Outside the Box - Koneta Bailey

 10/23/11 Paris Finley - Energy Imbalances in Tarot Cards      Handout

10/16/11 Class 13 - Beyond Tarot Intensive - The  "Male" Aces    Handout

10/11/11 Meditation Moment #3 by HiC - Releasing Emotions Ritual  Handout

 10/9/11 Meditation Moment #2 with Carolyn Cushing: Contemplative Vision   Handout

10/8/11 Meditation Moment #1: Paris Finley & Making a Tarot Easel/Trees & Inspiration  Handout

9/26/11 Tarot and Astrology - Book Review by Angelo Nasios

9/25/11 Pamela Steele & The Maiden's Voyage, with the Steele Wizard Tarot 

 9/24/11   Tarot for a New Generation - Book Review by Linette Voller

9/18/11 Class 12 - Beyond Tarot Intensive -  Judgemnt  & The World

9/11/2011 The Gaian Tarot with Joanna Colbert & James Wells 

9/10/2011  Class 11 - Beyond Tarot Intensive - Moon & Sun    

 8/7/11  Sunday in Shadow with Thalassa ... and a BATS preview!

7/24/2011  Tarot History (Part 2) with Robert Place

7/23/11  Tarot History (Part 1) with Robert Place

7/27/2011 Tali Goodwin, Resolving Doubt Through Tarot    Handout

6/26/2011  Sex in Tarot - Katrina Wynne, M.A.         Handout

6/25/2011 Tarot of Physics with Dan Horn & Corrine Kenner        Handout

6/19/2011 Beyond Tarot Intensive - Class 10 - Tower and Star

6/18/2011  Robert Place - Creating Action After Readings      Handout

6/12/11 Dale Howard, Raise Your Glass!   Handout

6/5/11 Scott Grossberg and the Vitruvian Square      Handout

5/30/11  Reversals! A Class with Psychic Friends Rewind

5/22/11 Beyond  Tarot Intensive Class 9, Temperance & Devil     Handout

5/21/11 World Tarot Day & Marcus Katz

5/15/11 Major Tom Schick and Getting In Touch with the Inner Saboteur   Handout

5/14/11 Kim Huggens, Tarot 101 and the Sol Invictus Tarot    Handout

5/7/11 Enrique Enriquez: Filming Tarot & the Tarot of Marseilles    Handout

4/23/11 Dan Pelletier and the 12-Step Program of Tarot

4/17/11  Beyond Tarot Intensive Class #8: Hanged Man & Death   Handout

4/16/11 Zach Wong & the Revelations Tarot   Handout

4/10/11 Tarot of the Boroughs with Courtney Weber & George Courtney    Handout

4/3/2011  Janet Berres - World Tarot Congress & LOTS more....

 4/2/2011  Katrina Wynne - Addressing Conflict with Tarot      Handout

3/27/11  Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe        Handout

3/26/11 Ginny Hunt, "Order in the Courts!" Court Card class       Handout

3/20/11 Robert Lee Camp & Destiny Cards

3/19/11 Val Sherill & Yes/No Spreads That Empower     Handout

3/13/2011  Class 7 - Wheel & Justice - Beyond Tarot Intensive    Handout

 3/12/11 Marcia McCord and her postcard tarots   Handout

3/6/11 The Oracle of Initiation with Melissa Weiss Steele     Handout

3/5/11 The Deviant Moon Tarot with Patrick Valenza   Handout  

2/27/2011   Class 6 - Strength & Hermit - Beyond Tarot Intensives   Handout

2/26/2011   Anna K Tarot - with Anna Klaffinger    Handout  

2/24/2011  Sasha Graham, author of Tarot Diva

2/20/2011  Reader's Studio 2011 Preview with Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone

 2/19/11 Johanna G. Sherman -Sacred Rose Tarot & Elemental Power Spread    Handout

2/13/11  Tarot Spreads & Layouts with Jeanne Fiorini

2/12/11  The Tarot Art of Beth Seilonen   Handout

2/6/11  Marcy Currier - "The Tarot Within" & The Mystical Frog Tarot    *Handout

2/5/11 Lyn Birkbeck - Sabian Symbols & Astrology, with Marcus Katz on Tarot Applications

1/30/11  Class 5 Beyond Tarot: Lovers & Chariot    *Handout

1/29/11 Crafting with Tarot Decks   *Handout

1/28/11  Corrine Kenner Joins Psychic Friends Live

1/23/11 Mike Hernandez & Unconventional Tarot Spreads   *Handout

1/22/11 Julie Cuccia-Watts - The MAAT Tarot & Ancestral Path Tarot

1/16/11 Pop! Goes the Timing  with Anna Cook     *Handout

1/15/11 The Hezicos Tarot with Mary Griffin      *handout

1/9/11 The Tarot Game with Jude Alexander

1/8/11 Robert M. Place - Chakras & Tarot    *Handout

1/2/11 Secrets of the Marseille Tarot with Robert Swiryn     *Handout

12/19/10 Beyond Tarot Intensive Class #4: Emperor and Hierophant   *Handout

12/18/10 Lon Milo Duquette: Low Magick and more

12/12/10 Asteroids, Queens & Goddesses in Tarot Adult content.    *handout HERE and get your own *goddess/asteroid reading HERE -- at the bottom, where it says "Additional Objects," hold down the CTRL key on your computer and choose: Ceres, Pallas, Juno & Vesta.

12/11/10 Jordan Hoggard- Psychic & Creative Triggers in he  land of Mystereum   Handout

12/5/10  Christiana Gaudet & Fortune Stellar     

12/4/10 Dreams & Tarot with Paula Chaffee Scardamalia - Part 2   Handout 

11/28/10 Beyond Tarot Intensive Class #3: High Priestess & Empress  *handout

11/27/10 Coming Out of the Tarot Closet 

11/21/10  Scott Grossberg ~ Secrets in the Deck of Shadows & The Fool's Journey  *Three handouts:

 11/20/10 Theresa Reed and Tarot Mentoring

11/14/10 Rachel Pollack,  Tarot Midrash (Stories) and secret things in cards

11/13/10 Katrina Wynne, How We Use Tarot, How Tarot Transforms Us 

11/7/10 Stephanie Arwen Lynch - Questions & Spreads  *handout

11/6/10 Diane Wilkes & The Jane Austen Tarot  *handout

 10/30/10 Beyond Tarot Intenstive, Class 2 (4 hosts): The Fool & The Magician   *handout

 10/24/10 Paul Quinn - Shadow Aspects & Power Imbalances in Cards

10/17/10 Ferol Humphrey -  Sex, Love, Money & Power...The Living Tarot Way!

10/16/10 Scott Dodson - Tarot Systems: Numerology, Astrology, Colors & Elements  *handout

10/2/10 Nancy Antennuci: Psychic Tarot & Honing Your Natural Psychic Abilities

9/26/10 Host Show: Cold Readings, Warm Readings: Do We Do It?

 9/25/10 Mary K Greer on Tarot Blogging (and Tarot History).

9/19/10 Kris Waldher, Creator of The Goddess Tarot & Lover's Path Tarot     *handout

9/18/10  Beyond Tarot - Intensive Tarot Class #1

 9/12/2010 Barbara Moore - Keeping a Beginner's Mind   *handout

 9/11/2010  Robert Place: Anne Rice, A Fool's Journey Book, and the Minor Suits

8/8/2010  Mediumship with Tarot & Konxari Cards, with Paul Michael Kane   *handout

8/3/2010 A King's Journey, with Chanel Bayless   *handout

8/1/2010 Douglas Gibb - TarotEon & a Smorgasbord of Tarot

7/31/2010 Tarot of the Crone with Ellen Lorenzi-Prince  *handout

7/30/2010 Enrique Enriquez - The Marseille Deck, Poetry, and more  *handout

7/27/2010 Tarot Tribal Dance! Your 4 hosts & Predicting with Tarot

7/25/2010 Tarot Dynamics - Beginner's class with Anna Cook  *handout

7/24/2010 Dan Pelletier and Mike Hernandez - Mulitple Decks  *handout

7/20/2010 The Science of ESP - ESP Enigma author Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D.

7/17/2010 What to do when you feel professionally violated-Tarot by Misha

7/7/2010 Interpreting Dreams through Tarot with Paula Chaffee Scardamalia    *handout

7/5/2010 Rachel Pollack & James Ricklef - Difficult Cards  *handout

7/3/2010 Thalassa! Bay Area Tarot Symposium & more.... (includes mini class on Court cards)

6/27/2010 The Gaian Tarot's Joanna Powell Colbert

6/26/2010 Catherine Chapman - Beyond the Celtic Cross  *handout

6/20/2010 Corrine Kenner - Getting Creative With Tarot (Tarot for Writers)

6/19/2010 Ciro Marchetti - Tarot Artist and Visionary

6/13/2010 Crone Stone Creator, Carol Campbell Returns!

6/6/2010 Tarot of Trees with Dana Driscoll

6/5/2010 Marcus Katz - Teaching & Learning Tarot (History & Systems)  *handout

5/25/2010 Tarot Party! A foursome of tarot cohosts- World Tarot Day & Where is Tarot Headed?

5/23/2010 Barbara Moore - Publishing Decks or Books

5/22/2010 Bonnie Cehovet - Flash Fiction, Tarot Reviews, & Intuition

5/19/2010 Mike Hernandez - Tarot's Rising Star

5/15/2010 Robert Place & The Vampire Tarot  *Handout

5/9/2010 Animal Communicator Lynn MacKenzie

5/8/2010 Claire-France Perez - Marketing for Readers

5/2/2010 Joseph LoBrutto III, Psychic Medium

4/20/2010 Dena DeCastro and Evolutionary Astrology

4/18/2010 Marilyn Shannon - Crystal Ball Scrying

4/17/2010 Robert Place and Alchemy

4/17/2010 Tarot by Misha Show, Donnaleigh, and Tarot Certification

4/11/2010 Nadine, medium and psychic

4/10/2010 Lisa Powers, Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

4/3/2010 Chrissie Astell, Author & Angel Deck Creator

3/28/2010 Erin from Self-Insights with live Tarot & Intutive Readings

3/27/2010 Twin Psychics Sunhee & Chinhee

3/21/2010 Numerology in Tarot with Ed Peterson

3/20/2010 Sacred Geometry with Charles Gilchrist

3/14/2010 Shamanic Healer & Author, Wendy Stofan Halley

3/13/2010 The Tarot School's Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone

3/7/2010 Human Design Reading - Peter Roe  *handouts here and here and here.

3/6/2010  James Ricklef - Tarot Author & Deck Creator

2/28/2010 Beyond Worlds - Sexpert Intuitive Allie Theiss

2/27/2010 Diana Cooper, Angel Communicator

2/21/2010 Georgianna Boehnke from Tarot Talk

2/20/2010 Cinnamon Mancini - International Spiritual Medium

2/14/2010 Lizzy Star, gifted psychic medium

2/13/2010 Live Readings

2/7/2010 Elinor Greenberg - Psychologist & Tarot Expert

1/31/2010 Beyond Worlds & Premier Psychic, Lorrie Kazan!

1/30/2010 Runes for Transformation with Kaedrich Olsen  *handout

1/24/2010 Beyond Worlds & Medicine Song Woman, Brenda McIntyre

1/23/2010  Rachel Pollack & James Wells: Wisdom Readings & Hidden Tao in Tarot

1/17/2010 Beyond Worlds ~ Mary K Greer returns *handout

1/16/2010 Elizabeth Foley, Angelologist

1/10/2010 Crone Stone Creator, Carol Campbell!

1/9/2010 Tarot & Quantum Physics with author Jeanne Fiorini

1/3/2010 Shamanistic Practitioner Gene Coderre

1/2/2010 James Wanless Rings in the New Year!

12/31/2009 Storm Cestavani Returns - Astrrology New Year's Live Readings

12/29/2009 Dan Pelletier of The Process & The Tarot Garden

12/28/2009  All Hallow's Deck Creator, Robyn Tisch-Hollister

12/27/2009 Lizzy Star, gifted psychic medium

12/27/2009 Mary K Greer & Ferol Humphrey on the Tarot by Misha Show

12/20/2009 Face Reading with Lynn Scheurell     *multiple handout links on show page

12/19/2009 Scott Grossberg, "The Deck of Shadows"

12/13/2009 James Wells, Tarot Reader & Mentor

12/9/2009 A Message to All Psychics, on BTR & Beyond....

12/8/2009 Lon Milo Duquette & Georgianna Boehnke

12/6/2009 Paul Quinn, author of "Tarot for Life"

12/5/2009 Tarot Ethics with Leisa ReFalo & Rev. Paul Nagy

11/29/2009 Ferol Humphrey - Tarot Mentor & Intuitive Teacher

11/28/2009 Storm Cestavani: Astrology in Tarot *multiple handouts on show page, Astrology wheel HERE.

11/22/2009 Lisa Hunt, Tarot Artist

11/15/2009 The Tarot School's Ruth & Wald Amberstone

11/14/2009 Rachel Pollack, Shining Tribe

11/8/2009 Scott Grossberg, "Masks of Tarot" *handouts here and here

11/1/2009 Lauralyn, Angel Intuitive from Heaven Healing Arts

10/25/2009 Glenn Klausner, Psychic Medium

10/18/2009 Rochelle Sparrow/Cortney Kane  *handout

10/4/2009 "The Tarot Lady" Theresa Reed!

9/27/2009 Raven from Tarot Talk

9/20/2009 Intuitive Artist Joyce Huntington

9/19/2009 Dawn & Donnaleigh Interviewed on Tarot Talk

9/19/2009 Donnaleigh Interviewed on WitchTalk

9/13/2009 Psychic "Ask Dr. Lynn"

8/23/2009 Ask Angel Amy!

8/9/2009 Emily Carding, creator of the Transparent Tarot & the Tarot of the Sidhe

8/2/2009 Jack Armstrong and "Lessons from the Source"

7/26/2009 Mary K Greer  *handout

7/19/2009 Andie, The Rock n Roll Psychic

7/12/2009 Ask Angel Amy"

7/5/2009 Tarot Author Janina Renee!

6/28/2009 The Marketing Goddess, Elizabeth Genco Purvis

6/21/2009 Trance-channel Psychic Rochelle Sparrow & Psychic Artist Cortney Kane!

6/14/2009 Numerologist/Tarot reader Mystical Marcy

6/7/2009 Beyond Worlds - meets - Tarot Talk!

5/17/2009 Health Readings with Margaret Rivera ~ The Emotional Connection 

5/10/2009 Mothers Fostering Intuition

5/4/2009 ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR Lynn McKenzie

4/27/2009 A Shamanic Journey!