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Keeping a Beginner's Mind, with Barbara Moore

On 9/12/2010, Barbara Moore guested on Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe, and she shared the importance of keeping a beginner's mind.

That episode can be heard HERE.


Below is the hand-out for that class.

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This amazing graphic was created by Beyond Worlds' very own Graphics Diva,

Tarot Author Catherine Chapman of

Thank you, Catherine!

Be sure to visit Catherine's amazing website which has an outstanding tarot blog!


 Beginner’s Mind Spread 



So, you place the Fool and the 4 pages as shown,

then shuffle and lay out 5 cards, one below each card you laid out.


Fool and Card 1 = what you need to approach with a Beginners Mind in your life

Wands/Card 2 = what kind of passion/will/intent you need for this adventure

Cups/Card 3 = what kind of emotion/relationship/connection you need

Swords/Card 4 = what kind of reasoning/logic/communication

Pents/Card 5 = what kind of resources you need



For those who use reversals,

I’d say read reversals as what you need to leave behind.



All of these cards are like the items in the Fool’s bag,

things he is bringing with on his journey.