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Joanna's Message from the Vernal Pool

Posted by Donnaleigh on October 8, 2011 at 6:15 AM


“The scattered red dots on the map are vernal pools, which are home to salamanders, amphibians, and other important resources.

Daniel Stone


Joanna Powell Colbert and Carolyn Cushing led a lovely Mama Gaia nature retreat last weekend at the Acadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Western, Massachusetts. One of the activities involved us going out into nature to see what nature had to teach us. We then returned to our meeting room to share our experiences.

More on the nature-listening technique, as well as my own personal nature lesson and experience, are noted HERE.

It was such a privilege to have Joanna visit our area, as she lives across the country in the state of Washington.

Here is a one minute video of her sharing with us what she learned from nature on this particular day, when she entered a threshold by a vernal pool at this nature sanctuary.


Here's wishing you a nature-filled week of earthly journeys.



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