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The Chakra Shuffle: Tarot Card Activity

Posted by Donnaleigh on January 21, 2011 at 9:12 AM
 Energy fields, chakras and all esoteric things
should be experienced.
And keep your mind clean of all knowledge,
so that you don't have any expectations;
wherever the experience happens, you are ready to accept it.

Every tarot card has an energy, a life experience, a feel, a human flavor.
Whether it is a response or an expectation,
each card is something every human walks through many times in a lifetime.

Similarly, Chakras hold a response in our body and mind, impacting how we respond to circumstances in our daily world.

I often refer to the Chariot card as the "solar plexus card." 
It is where we find our will, our drive, the energy we put forth to create that dream. It using the body to create what the mind has dreamed.

Viewing the Chariot tarot card, we recognize that he has no reins; he only has the power of his own mind and body to move his vehicle, a very "solar plexus" energy of will and personal power.

Let's look at all the Major Arcana cards of the tarot deck, the  "Big Secrets,"
and see how they correlate to each of the Chakras.

  • Remove all the Major Arcana Cards from your tarot deck.
  • Put them in numerical order if you wish.
  • One by one, determine with which Chakra each card aligns.
  • You may want to journal this, as some cards may fall in more than one position.

If you are not sure what each Chakra energy brings, 
feel free to use the chart I've created below to help guide you.

  • *Which cards were the most difficult to place? Why?
  • * Which cards slipped easily into a Chakra? Why?
  •    Which card correlated to more than one? Why? How are the energies different/similar?*
  •   Which card/s fit into the most categories?
  • *Were there any cards that I did not know where to put them? What  energies are needed to bring this card forth?

* If you are not sure how to answer any of these questions, draw a tarot card or two to allow tarot to guide you to an answer.

Here's wishing you a week of new tarot insights.



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