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What's the Difference Between Fear & Anxiety?

Posted by Donnaleigh on December 23, 2010 at 6:42 AM

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear."

--- H.P. Lovecraft

What's the difference between FEAR and ANXIETY?

Draw 2 cards from your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck:

Card 1

Represents what FEAR is.

Card 2

Represents what ANXIETY is.

I used Kat Black's beautiful Golden Tarot, one of my favorite decks


Card 1 = Ace of Swords

Card 2 = 8 of Swords.

Notice: both are cards of swords, which reflect our thoughts or inner workings, things of the ethers.


Card 1: FEAR

(Ace of Swords)

Fear is something we face head-on, eyes wide open, and it works toward changing the situation (note the butterfly of transformation). It cuts away what we don't want, and we look for growth (see plant in her hand) to head toward something. We've got a strong grip on our sword and we just might use it. There is more clarity around us. The skies are blue, there is no fog or rain...we see it, and we are facing it. Aces are 1's and this wants to create a different outcome, start again, and it's ready to fight (or flight, like the butterfly). In one way or another, it's ready for action: face it or fly. She's not protecting her heard, she is protecting her life, her family, her situation, with a real tool that she can use to openly protect.


(8 of Swords)

Anxiety is not wanting to face something. It's closing our eyes to what is before us and giving ourselves survival tension (red rob, base or root chakra of survival). We bind ourselves up and restrict ourselves and fence ourselves in, trying to separate ourselves from something. There is less action here, just thinking, thinking, thinking (and more thinking) and protecting ourselves. This card holds us back, it doesn't allow us to move. We see mountains of obstacles around us. And yet while they have the same clarity of sky around them....that blindfold will never allow them to view it. It all becomes muddled in the anxious survival tension, keeping us from facing and seeing, not working toward transformation or change or movement...just holding us back. 

Her landscape is cold and uncaring, she doesn't see or feel warmth or safety.

Our feet are mysteriously gone...we can't move.

Funny thing is...if she took off the blindfold and looked around, she might notice that there isn't much scary around's actually a pretty peaceful moment in the now.

The number 8 is one of double security, and boy, are we ever working to make sure we're safe. Possibly to the detriment of any vision or progress...or even happiness. She holds her heat and she holds the rope tight. Best not to look or feel, it's best right where she is....mulling over and ruminating and thinking and fearing. Lock the bolt and throw away the key, for the Devil we know may be safer than the Devil we don't know. She chooses a posture in with her feet are safely hidden and she is standing still, but not facing reality with her eyes. She can think about it alot under the blindfold and fill in a lot of contextual gaps under that dark band of fabric.

Which cards do you get?

How do you see the difference between FEAR and ANXIETY?

Here's wishing you a day of vision, action, and clarity.



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