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What Does Tarot Have to Say About Spirituality?

Posted by Donnaleigh on October 1, 2010 at 8:20 PM

It's different than religion.

Or is it?
In today's video tarot blog I was surprised to see that
Tarot suggests that there is much within spirituality that is taught
and that we carry some of the spirituality we've been given through our legacies,
even when we think we have expanded to new grounds.

It seems we may not be using our spirituality to the fullest
or even fully understand what it is, because we limit what we think it is.
And ... people tend to stay in their own little spiritual boxes.

If you think being spiritual has no boundaries,
Tarot thinks so, too,  but seems to think
we've not found our way beyond the boundaries just yet....

The first card down, the 8 of Swords,
shows a girl bound, and she reminded me of Joan of Arc and what we did to her.
But also it is what we do to ourselves.
We contract and are forced to stay in this little box,
and anyone or anything outside of it gives us nightmares.

If our beliefs keep us separate and keep us from integrating,
is our spirituality serving its purpose?

Personally, I had a lot to learn from this reading and it
redefined how I saw my own spiritual freedom.
What I thought was "free" was still tightly bound.

Let's explore together today as we learn
what Tarot thinks of Spirituality.

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Many thanks to Lo Scarabeo for giving me permission to publish these images of this beautiful deck, the Tarot of the New Vision which can be purchased here.

Here's wishing you a Tarot-filled week
of inner wisdom.


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