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Oracle of the Mermaids (Deck Review)

Posted by Donnaleigh on May 27, 2013 at 8:50 AM

Discover the magical legends and lore of the mermaids

& tap into the beautiful currents of ocean divination....

Title - Oracle of the Mermaids


Artist - Selina Fenech ( Selena's artwork is also featured in the sets, Wild Wisdom of the Fairy Oracle, ad Oracle of the Dragonfae and much more. See a list of products containing her work HERE.

Author - Lucy Cavendish (


Publisher - Blue Angel Publishing (


Style of Art - Mixed medium and digital art that is hand-drawn and painted with a stylus on a tablet. These look like lit-up paintings.


Card stock - This is rugged card stock that will hold up to large cards of this size.


Finish - Glossy


Shuffles -This is a very large deck, so it may be a challenge for small hands to shuffle it. I shuffled it using a card-over-card shuffle.


Size/readability - 5 1/2" x 3 3/4". These are big cards that really let you appreciate the detail in the imagery. The images are very easy to see. At the bottom of each card there a medium-sized font Key Word, with a  key meaning phrase below it in smaller font.

Color -Absolutely vibrant colors, every color of the rainbow, with overtones of blues and violets to represent the ocean water.


Backside - A graceful mermaid rising, just under the surface of the water. Does not honor reversals, but the author does suggest using reversed meanings for readings. See the backsides of the cards at the top of this review on the cover photo.


Number of cards - 45. Each card has a small number at the top center of the card that helps you find its location in the book.


Instruction booklet -The book is 160+ black and white pages, with a beautiful colorful, soft cover. Each card has about 2 to 2-1/2 pages of information describing it, including a mermaid history or folklore story about the card, a Reversed meaning, and what the card means in divination. The front of the book shows the card contents (arranged by card number). Mermaid history is discussed in the beginning of the book, mermaid symbols are described, and the kinds of mermaids are described. Four sample card lay-outs are provided.


 Unique trait/s -The play on light featured in these cards is gorgeous. The images have a serene and sometimes mischievous quality to them. For those who love mermaids, this deck will deliver.


Packaging -This deck comes in a very sturdy box that will last many years and will withstand some bumping around. The box is gorgeous, and within it both the cards and book nestle comfortably. The box is pictured at the top of this review on the cover photo.


Price -$18.48 at the time of this review.


Border: Rather thin pastel borders, light colors, color coordinated with the cards (cards with more yellow tones have a pastel yellow  border; blue borders frame cards with more blue overtones).


Opinion -This beautiful deck features gorgeous art. Some images have more realism in them than others. Though mostly Caucasian mermaids, an Aisan and Island-themed mermaid also swim in the currents of these cards. Some of the mermaids are serene; others have an essence of mischief or trouble to them. One is transported to an oceanic essence when wandering through the waters of this oracle deck.


Three Sample Readings to view the cards in action:

Sample Reading #1) My sister was not feeling well, and I wondered whether I should visit her or if I should let her rest. The following two cards came up:



SISTERHOOD: Friendship, allies, compatible souls, loyalty, joy, delight

THE PRESENT: Gift, treasure, revelation of own value, now-ness

The irony that the "Sisterhood" card came up did not escape me. And the card of "The Present" further suggested we should live in the here and now.  The second card is about revelations of gifts and meeting one's soul kin and revealing someone's true value. and that I did. I drove to visit with her and we had  a remarkable visit. Lots of healing laughs.


Sample Reading #2) I found that the internet was depleting me of energy. I like to go on the web to learn, but there seem to be bouts of time when people get fired up and enjoy instigating others. I  asked about this energy and what it meant. The 3 cards that were drawn are shown below.


EXPERIMENTS: Manipulation of nature, forcing change, cruelty in the pursuit of knowledge, arrogance

SONG OF THE SIREN: The call, summoning, voice, to acknowledge

THE MAGIC OF THE COHELLEN DRUITH: Caution, secrecy, wary

The top card speaks of manipulations, arrogance and cruelty, so I knew we were on the right track. The bottom left card, Song of the Siren speaks of a call and of summoning something or someone. The last card is about being wary and cautious.

I interpreted these cards together as manipulative and arrogant people creating a siren call to pull people in toward the rocks. The final card warns us not to heed the call, to be wary and secretive, and turn one's back (image) to what is happening.

Sample Reading #3) I then asked about the impact of the internet on me and suggestions for healing. The following three cards arrived:


Soul Cage: Rescue, escape from captivity and restriction.

The Selkie and Her Skin: Reclaiming your authenticity.

Atlantis: Rapid development, excellence, success.

Together, these three cards suggest that the internet creates a soul cage, a trapping of sorts, and the I am asked to free/rescue myself from its restriction, to rise above and gasp for air. Reclaim who I really am and get to work, where excellence and a brighter existence await.

Summary: The Oracle of the Mermaids is a beautiful deck that is aesthetically pleasing, of good quality materials (both cards and packaging), and requires no special knowledge of a divination system to start using. The imagery feels other-worldly, and if you allow the images to pull you deeper into the reading than the key words alone, you will find a poetic message emerge. The reversed meanings that the book offers provide yet more options for card meanings. The images are lovely and would make for some fun summer readings.


Learn more about the artist creating this deck in the brief video below:


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