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Several Oracle Systems, Same Question: When You're Feeling World-Weary

Posted by Donnaleigh on June 16, 2012 at 7:45 AM

"I've fought hard and now I'm weary to the bone."

Michael Landon

  • Did you ever feel so disappointed with the evening news that you feel you have lost faith in the human race?
  • Do you see things around you that make you question whether the world may not be such a safe and wonderful place?
  • Are you so frustrated by the behaviors of others so that you have a hard time having faith in the world?

Here's a little exercise that is designed to bring the weary back to life.


Choose your favorite oracle system. Pull 3 cards, runes, or a tiny scoop of crystals. What message of hope are you given? Here are several messages I've received this week, using a variety of oracle systems. I've used tarot, oracles, crystals, runes, tasseomancy (tea leaf reading) and angel cards.

  • What do you get if you draw 3 cards or use your own system?
  • Your message can be as brief or as long as you need.
  • And if you need, you can move the 3 items around to create the sentence or thought that you need.

"How can I find peace in my weariness?"


Lo Scarabeo Lenormand, borders removed, glitter added

Short version:

When you're oppressed and lose faith, look straight the gifts before you, and find the silver lining that is being shadowed by burdens. This is a fated gift of enlightenment, even though it feels confusing. Find the gifts in the burden, but also find your own personal beauty outside of the mess.

The more detailed:

Darkness pulls you from the beauty in your life. When you feed the burdens of darkness seems to loom, find the gifts in the center of your world.

Note the beauty that is often between the moments of oppression and trouble and confused thought/darkness. For both are gifted moments of destiny within the confusion, for polar opposite reasons, but both are gifts about how you arrange your life.

Find the silver lining, have faith, and know that beauty should be the center of your world, the core of you, especially when you are surrounded by strife.

Arrange beautiful moments for yourself if you have to, in order to release and find relief, and to find brighter moments. Find the eye of the hurricane, the peaceful center in the storm.

Melissa Lenormand (out of print)

When you find obstacles and uphill battles and the road seems long and insurmountable, find yourself in the place you can call home. Move mountains, move yourself from it or through it, and find your safe haven.

The difficult journey to your safe haven is like Dorothy finding her way to Oz. You may find it was within you the whole time.



Nordic Runes

"You're wondering about the personality/identity of the world and what it is, and noticing when it feels in need or in a state of lack.

Know that the hand of fate is unfolding in a most creative way of education/learning.

Be inspired by its lesson: know where it needs maintenance and where it needs restriction. You are in a place of knowing/learning through painful spots. Find your inner fire, and make your own creative response by polishing your own fate through what you learn. This is your application of knowledge. Put your knowledge to work. Knowledge is what separates children from adulthood. You are not only gaining age, you are increasing in wisdom. The knowledge may feel ill, but this a lesson best learned as a transition into true sage adulthood. Through this observation of dark personality, learn about your own potential."



When things are turbulent and moving too fast and you find you have issues related to forgiveness, and when conflict and crisis seems to cover joy and cast a shadow on your bliss...

When yang energy forces itself on others to protect itself and creates turbulence for others...

This is your moment of learning. You are learning about safety and protection. This is what The Divine wishes you to see right now, so you can learn about movement, your own personal movement.

Take note of what you see. See and shift your spiritual geography. Look to the spiritual. Look to protect yourself and your joy.

Because under it all, your joy and light and purpose is still present but buried; you will find it if you allow yourself personal protection and balance the "letting go" with "keeping and learning the lesson."


Tasseomancy/Tea Leaf Reading with the Cup of Destiny

When the movement around you makes you ill, even physically impacting you, remember the inner journey of peace and breath to find your way. Find a gentle friend and look toward them, away from the sickness and misuse of voices.

Don't forget to dance and play. You are earning the trophy of the soul.

Take risks, but don't allow yourself to be egged on.


Golden Tarot by Kat Black

When the world seems to bruise you and you are feeling weary, ground yourself. Look to the peaceful, physical parts of the world. Allow that to flow in your health and mind.

Don't participate, but do learn from what you observe.

Don't absorb the darkness...see it, learn from it, ground, and move on with personal persistence, remembering the lesson brought to you.

Then, the next time the same ship comes in, you'll be able to protect body, mind, and soul. The bruise has created a callous through friction that is meant to protect you and make you stronger, but it is not meant to stop you.

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt

In the world of give and take, we often assume the feelings or identity of the things we observe. Don't become it; you are separate from it. Keep moving, the world is always changing, and "this too shall pass."

Focus on love, hold onto the ones who will take your ride in the direction of love, and blend with those who protect your spirit.


Saints and Angels Oracle Cards

Pause, don't participate. Find your own peaceful place.

Look away from the strife, take the lesson, and instead look at the lesson you have found and hold that close to your heart on your journey.

YES! You can find the peace if you pause!

Breath and focus on the spiritual.


Note the video below...

When you feel that all seems dark, take a look at what you may have been overlooking while you were looking the other way.

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Here's wishing you a week of quietly beautiful personal insights in your world.



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