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4 of Pentacles: "I Hold"

Posted by Donnaleigh on February 12, 2012 at 7:15 AM

"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling

of letting go and holding on."

Henry Ellis

Above, Legacy of the Divine Tarot

While studying about astrology on the Beginner Astrology Book Club, I found the following Zodiacal essences in the book, Astrology for Yourself:

Aries "I am"

Taurus "I have"

Gemini "I think"

Cancer "I feel"

Leo "I show"

Virgo "I analyze"

Libra "I relate"

Scorpio "I transform"

Sagittarius "I seek"

Capricorn "I utilize

Aquarius "I'm different"

Pisces "I imagine"

These meanings were deeply meaningful to me, and while they helped me understand the meaning of the astrology signs, it made me look deeper into tarot as well.

While writing the blog about Whitney Houston's death Through Tarot, the 4 of Pentacles became a very imporrtant card as it was what could have done to prevent her death. This card came up (in the Blue Dog Rose Tarot, it was the 4 of Rodents).

This card seemed to scream to me, "I HOLD." And I was brought back to the Zodiacal Essences. And I began to wonder if each card had a similar essence of "I am."

In Whitney's reading, I wrote of this card's advice to help her:

"It looks like not much could have helped her here....this mouse is alone, and she his shielding herself from those of us who took a piece of this cheese. Until this mouse wants to help herself, she cannot be helped. She's hiding behind her vice. The advice to her is to find her way around the vice and let go."

Whitney held on too tightly, a boundary that was hard to break through.

 The 4 of Pentacles is about holding on, sometimes hoarding, or grasping too tightly to something. Whether it is Scrooge grasping his purse strings, or us holding onto a past love who is no longer invested in us, this holding can "HOLD US."  Is it holding us back? What is grasping us?

Morgan Greer Tarot


I then began to look at some

of the other cards and found myself in a wonderful journaling exercise.

3 of Cups  "I play"

4 of Cups "I don't care"

5 of Cups "I mourn"

6 of Cups "I share"   or   "I remember"

8 of Cups "I retreat"

And here are some more:

 Fool:  "I risk"

Magician "I create"

High Priestess "I know"

Empress "I gestate"

Emperor "I control"

Lovers "I choose"

Chariot "I manifest"

Strength "I assert"

Hermit  "I seek"  or  "I isolate"

Wheel "I vacillate"

Justice: "I equalize."

Hanged Man "I wait"

Death "I transform"

Temperance "I moderate"

Devil "I oppress"

Tower "I break through"

Star "I envision:

Moon  "I don't understand"

Sun "I glorify"

Judgment "I ascend"

World "I attain"

Can you go through your favorite deck

and describe each card as an

"I AM" energy?


If the 4 of Pentacles "Holds,"

does it perhaps HOLD THE KEY?"

What does it hold?

Here's wishing you a tarot-filled week of release and non-attachment.



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