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Cutting Corners (and Borders!) - Crafty Tarot

Posted by Donnaleigh on June 4, 2011 at 7:10 AM

2 of Swords
Use them well.

Do you have a tarot deck that you would consider perfect if only it were borderless?

Move the cards around, watch them connect. Make a story.
Let the images blend.

Borders? Feh.

Typcial card borders creating a frame and therefore a fence around the card and between cards, the flow of energy between cards was interrupted.

Off with their ends!

How to Cut Borders & Corners Off Tarot Decks

Below is a quickie video to show you how you, too, can cut the borders off your favorite tarot decks and round the corners.

It's quick, and requires no skill or special  talent.
All you need is a couple of inexpensive tools.

Let's have a look!

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While you may want a different paper trimmer, this is the model I chose.

Corner trimmers come in different sizes (physically as well as the angle of the cut).This is the one I chose.

If the corner cutter hurts your hand, see the quick video below...

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Now Let's Play!

Let's take a look below at James Battersby's video
to see what you can do with a borderless deck.
(Something fun to try, whether alone
or at your next Tarot Meet-Up, class or gathering).

Watch it flow.

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Thanks to Rae Della Luna for bringing my attention to this link at Aeclectic that shows pictures of decks from around the world who have the borders trimmed. Truly inspirational!

Direct link:

To learn more about James Battersby or A King's Journey Tarot, see:

To see how stripping the borders affects how cards interact in readings, and to view some of the decks I've trimmed,

Here's wishing you a tarot-filled week of story-filled flow.



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