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What is Tarot?

Posted by Donnaleigh on October 5, 2010 at 9:25 PM

What is Tarot? It's one of my favorite questions to ask our guests on Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe, because Tarot is something different to each person it meets. Everyone has a different answer. And they are all correct.

But what does the deck say? What is it? "Who Are You? What are you for? What do you do?"


For this question, I decided to go to the source...the original source. I used the deck straight from the Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative Set.

The cards that came up randomly as Tarot's answer to this question were:

                           The 8 of Cups                   Strength                The Hanged Man

8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups, the only Minor Arcana card here, shows the number 8, one of solid  foundation and strength (a foreshadowing of the next card).  It allows us to organize our feelings so that when we feel in the dark, we can wander into the unknown with a better sense of understanding, feeling a sense of accompaniment and organization. I always say that a good reading tells you what you already know, but allows you to organize your thoughts and situation to understand it better. Just like this character has organized all his cups in a row, so do readings allow us a clear outline of our situation, creating order out of chaos.

He walks into the moon, the unknown, but he is now moving because he has made the choice that in the 7 of Cups, the previous card, seemed so confusing. What to choose? What is there? Our answers lie in understanding the chaos. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And here we go  with Tarot!  One step...two steps....!


Doesn't this card speak volumes? Tarot shows us how it gives us strength  through gentle insights. Time and time again I see suggestions that err on the side of being gentle, and yet it leads us to the highest outcome possible. It takes us right to the mouth of the lion, but there is no danger. We realize that what seemed frightening can be approached in logical ways with clear advice.  There's more light in this card than the one before it. Truly, we've found our truth through this gentle enlightenment. And through this, we become stronger. We can take a situation that feels wild and untamed...and through Tarot, we domesticate it. Tame it. Grow to understand the way people think and react.

The Hanged Man

All upside-down, he sees the world through a whole new perspective. And so does Tarot as it sings a song of our story with new lyrics that fit the poetry of our situation.  We're able to see the same thing through new eyes, from a new slant, from a view we may never have considered.  And strange as the new position may be, it is not uncomfortable...just new insight to the same thing we've been looking at all along. Hang around and you just might see something amazing that will turn your world around!

And so there it is, straight from the lion''s mouth.

Here's wishing you a Tarot-filled week!



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