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Tips for Blossoming Lenormand Readers:

Posted by Donnaleigh on May 22, 2018 at 10:20 AM

Deck shown: Game of Hope Lenormand

Tips for Blossoming Lenormand readers:

Here are some tips for those learning Lenormand, to help keep your readings on track. Always check to be sure you're following these basic guidelines:


  • 1)  Keep readings of small spreads simple, short, succinct. Its brevity is its clarity. It will tell you exactly what you need to know, short and sweet. No artificial sweeteners, no unnecessary additives.
  • 2)  For 3 cards, try to keep the meaning down to right around 3 words. Really push yourself to turn your reading into a sentence, not a paragraph.
  • 3)  Always return to your question. Are you actually staying in context of it? Make sure your answer matches the exact context of your question. The cards are limited in meaning, yet wider in *context* while adhering to their core meaning.
  • 4)  Always plan for how your cards will answer. If you have no idea how to read timing in cards, it'll be futile asking "when" questions. What cards will you expect to see for different answers?
  • 5)  If you're asking yes/no questions, ask questions where positive cards will give clear positive "yes" answers, and negative cards will mean no. If a negative card will be both a yes and a no, reword the question. Example: "Will i quit my job?" Coffin is a negative card so it should mean no. But it also suggests quitting/ending. You'll be confused! Instead, ask, "should stay on my job (and includ a time frame if you want). Now you will know that coffin means to quit and anchor means to stay.


  • 1)  Don't over-think it!
  • 2)  Don't embellish the meanings, especially while learning. Keep straight to the cards. Don't add an adjective or topic if it's not in the cards.
  • 3)  Don't turn the Lenormand cards into tarot meanings.
  • 4)  Don't make up meanings to make yourself or your client see what you hope or expect to see. If it doesn't say what you want it to say, don't try and make it become something else. It is what it is.
  • 5)  Don't go off-topic with your answer. If you're asking "when," don't answer "what's happening,"... instead, find the timing you want. If you're asking advice, don't predict an outcome, instead look for the suggestion/advice. If you're asking for a lost object, don't explain about their relationship; instead, consider the location of the object. See 3* in the DO section above....

Here's to strong readings!


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