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Good Students Become Stellar Readers

Posted by Donnaleigh on May 14, 2018 at 3:45 PM

The Importance of Good Teachers.

To those mentors who came before me and kept me on the specific Lenormand learning path rather than allowing me to run rampant with my own thing ... THANK YOU!  You have given me more than you ever will know. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance despite my constant straying into tarot-land, my first native cartomancy language.

The structure of the Lenormand language is the basis of all I do with this oracle. It tightened the potential of the meanings, but with that, it also tightened the level of accuracy to something that rose so high that it totally blew my mind. How can the cards do that if the reader's mind can't interfere? Or... conversely: "how can readers allow their minds to interfere if what is there is already point-on?"

Being a Student is a Vulnerable Thing...

Learning requires our personal pride to step aside for a moment while we gather wisdom from those with experience. Learning is about being *okay* with positioning yourself as a student. A good teacher will welcome questions and curiosity. Being a strong student takes personal flexibility and even humility. It takes an open willingness to do something other than "the way you've always done it." Yes, this requires vulnerability, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself when learning something new; otherwise you will never grow or change. Even established experts who teach other systems may find themselves in this vulnerable new-student mode again as they expand to new systems. And that's okay!

Later, do what you want with it once you fully know a system, if you feel you need to do that. But chances are, you may find something better than anything you've ever met before and just aren't allowing yourself the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.

Rigidity can pigeon-hole a person into a personal box that prevents us from fully expanding our horizons.

  • Don't fear being wrong.
  • Don't fear trying new things.
  •  Allow the student within you to fully open to what's possible. If you feel frustrated with being wrong, channel that frustration into finding out why the meaning strayed and how to shift it.
  • Learn that other potentials exist.

Getting Re-Directed by Mentors

I was frustrated with every re-direction I was given until I had the epiphany most Lenormand students have where the cards are word pictographs, not so much symbols. Many of us have multiple epiphanies. Those frustrations were each learning opportunities.

Every teacher was once (or more than once) a student. Every expert was once a beginner. But all of them have crossed that bridge of starting as a student and walking across to the other side. And if you do things the way you've always done it ... nothing new is learned. You will always stay on the same side of the bridge. Find those teachers and learn from them, because they will give you wings to fly to heights you never knew existed for yourself.

Here's to expanding our horizons!



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