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Tutorial Composite: Flipping the Question

Posted by Donnaleigh on November 13, 2017 at 12:25 AM

One of the most important parts of reading Lenormand well,
especially in yes/no questions,
is asking the question properly.

I've done several videos on what I call "Flipping the Question," which is nothing more than setting up any question you want so that the cards speak back to the reader clearly.

This blog will be a composite of all the videos I've done on this important technique that can improve your reading skills tenfold.


Next, How to Ask Negative Questions of the Lenormand (This question is about cheating). 

Next, here is what seems a benign question about house insurance that also require flipping the question.

This next one demonstrates what happens in an actual reading when you compare asking negatively to when you change the wording of the question.  This question relates to blocking someone on social media:   


Next is a tutorial for professional Lenormand readers on how to flip the Lenormand question when live clients are seated in front of you.

When reading for clients, we become interpreters of the cards. Here's how we can become translators of the cards while respecting the question and client. A true pro becomes a master translator. Good readers interpret their craft well. But they don't have to teach clients how to interpret or read cards. That's our job and that's what they're paying us for: results, infornation, and ways to improve their life choices.

"Pro Tips for Len Flips"

Dee asked a good question about whether silently flipping the question for a client will confuse the card's energy when they connect to the client. The following video responds to that and offers a suggestion on how to include the client in the card shuffling without confusing the energy:

Wishing you clear readings!


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