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Runes on the Presidential Vote Recount

Posted by Donnaleigh on November 28, 2016 at 2:15 PM

Runes read so differently than cards.

They speak much like a wise sage, and just speak about the situation very simply.


There are no inherently negative runes here. The clusters each form a unified concept.

I asked specifically about the manual recount of the Presidential votes.

You'll see how these read differently than cards.


On the left, the arrow (Tiwaz) speaks of discipline needed, fighting for truth and it is about victory, the forces of fair play vs unjust oppression (quoting rune author Lisa Peschel) the inner warrior and focus on responsibility, to determine social rank (rank is through the M, or Ewaz rune) and using social rank to create focus and responsibility. The U shaped rune is Uruz, which indicates exerting force and persistence. The L shaped one is Laguz, which surprised me, as it is more of an emotional rune that suggests the flow of water, but it also is about currents and tides as well as our internal emotional states that can create our character. Putting all these 4 runes together. To me, these 4 together suggest exerting an emotional force of inner strength to determine the social status and value (and character) of something.


To the right, the Fehu (F-shaped) rune is about determining worth, establishing the absolute. value of something, and here it determines the value of a success (success being the S-shaped rune, Sowilo). The Sowilo rune also is explosive potential and energy, and shining light. These two runes together are about establishing the worth of a success. Fehu is also money, and it takes an exchange of money to step forward to create the action potential.


The bottom rune, Perthro, which looks like an open cup on its side, stands alone. This is the rune of fate and destiny. It is the unknown. Kaedrich Olsen, rune expert and author, says of this rune: "We are the ones who make the decisions on how we reach that destiny." This is about decisions determining fate, the human piece that cause outcomes and decisions. When we see this rune, something that has remained hidden is about to come to light. Usually the outcome is positive, and it can refer to disclosures of secrets. Sometimes is foretells of unexpected gains or surprises.


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