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When the Cards are Off -- Reading the Future.

Posted by Donnaleigh on November 17, 2016 at 8:20 AM


There is no question that predictions are the most challenging of readings for us to do. Some readers won't do them. And yet....there's potential there to be explored.

There are a lot of readers who became frustrated with their cards after the election. I saw people frustrated with themselves, but also people picking on those who got it wrong. I have also had people ask me to give feedback on my own Grand Tableau about the Presidential Election, and so I’ve included that in here as well.

This video is a longer one for me, but there is information here that I hope will be helpful to people about the following topics:

  • - When we misfire in a reading, what does it mean?
  • - Is Tarot accurate and how? Is Lenormand accurate and how?
  • - Can readings be 100%? Are they accurate?
  • - Does the future change? Can we predict the future?
  • - Can the Lenormand measure shift potentials?
  • - And I talk about the Grand Tableau I did on the election, how to review it appropriately, and what I learned from other people’s Grand Tableaus as the election unfolded.


There is a lot of information here, so consider it a small workshop. You may have to adjust the sound down in the beginning and up later…sorry, I’m working with a new microphone and still have to get it right, but did not want to do this video twice.

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