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Connecting With the Dead...Through Cards

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 31, 2010 at 9:30 PM

On Monday, August 8, 2010, we will feature an episode of Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe highlighting doing mediumship (connecting with the dead) through tarot. That episode can be heard HERE. The first hour of the podcast will include a discussion between tarot readers who have done this. The second hour will feature Paul Michael Kane, the professional photographer who created the imagery for the Konxari Cards, an oracle deck made specifically for this purpose of mediumship.

I received my deck late last week and read through the LWB (little white book) that came with it. The spreads suggested were interesting and eerie. Rules were included such as "Never read alone!" and spreads included a couple cards that must "never" be turned over to reveal what they are. It is believed this is a tradition used to honor the dead.

The story I investigate:

A friend of mine lives on a pond called Witch's Pond. My friend is very sensitive to psychic phenomenon and mentioned that she has been seeing a young little blond girl, who looks in her window, and who seems to have a presence in a patch of woods at the end of her dirt road. We've walked past this woods at night, and found a cold spot about 2-3 feet wide that we could put our arms in and out of, feeling the exact spot the cold started as it pushed up our we placed them in and out.  And then we stood in the cold spot. The spot was not there 20 minutes later. My friend said she hears this young female spirit calling to her, and my friend thinks she passed in a drowning. She looked through the town records to determine whether any drownings had occurred, but I cannot remember her findings.

I emailed my friend yesterday to see if she'd like to try out my new Konxari cards and see if we could learn anything about this young ghost she saw. Since I haven't heard back yet and since I'm an Aries with a Leo rising (grin) and have the patience of a gnat, I decided to set an intention tonight on this young girl in the dark of my back porch, and test-drive the Konxari cards for the first time.

What was about to happen made my jaw drop and my heart stop. This is not a deck to take lightly.

I drew the cards randomly...

I laid down my favorite, familiar 4-card spread: Situation, Challenge, Advice, Outcome, but in this case the positions would be similar but as follows:

SITUATION: Circumstances around the death

CHALLENGE/OBSTACLE: What caused her death, or what could have prevented it

ADVICE: How to connect better with her

OUTCOME: Why she is here today, why she is connecting

The cards drawn were as follows:

 When the first card drawn was "drowning," I let out a gasp and realized there was something going on here. I often say, "The first card down is the most important."





I decided to throw one more row of cards under the same positions to add more dimension to the story and I received the following:

And immedidately a story began to unfold.

SITUATION: Drowning + Object


ADVICE: Camera + Desire

WHY SHE IS HERE: Hiding + Auditory

This is what I sensed:

This young girl did die from a drowning as my friend had suspected. It was related to her retrieving an object that either floated away from her in the water, or that she saw in the water and wanted to have.

The unusual challenge was that this was in the light of day, and most parents would be supervising if they knew their child was near water, but they apparently were busy with daily activities, and neither remembered that the other did not have her.

The girl did not know how to swim,  or could not remember how to swim.

And thus the drowning in her passing.

What are we advised to do?

The advice to us is to consider using a camera to photograph her. This would be interesting to me because my friend sees her and when she does, she'll point her out and I do not see her, though her presence is felt. Perhaps film will allow us to capture her image or a message from her. It is well-known that images often show up in photographs that the naked eye cannot see; perhaps there will be a surprise awaiting us.

The "Desire" card threw me at first, as this does not appear to be a crime of passion. But by desire, perhaps there is something she wants that we need to find out to help her pass? The advice may be to pay attention to what she wants so badly.

The LWB says of the "Desire" card, which is one of 15 message cards in the deck, "The message cards are often the most crucial to what spirits may be trying to communicate. When fully realized, these can directly relate to how one might be able to help them, or vice versa. This can be the key to helping a restless soul find peace."

Interesting that we find that in the "Advice" posiition of our spead.

So why is she here?

The "Auditory" card suggests that the girl knows my friend can hear her, that my friend is different than the rest of us. That this spirit has come so someone finally could hear her voice. Perhaps she has been in hiding all these years with the "Hiding" card a part of this story. And being so young, and there being no one to assist or notice her as she wandered, it would be likely that a child would be fearful and hide. Perhaps  she does not notice she has passed away and is hiding from those of us who walk past her each day. But the auditory messages to my friend apparently were meant to be a crossing of a threshold, a reaching out. A bridge between two worlds.

I looked at the spread, awed. Perhaps the camera will give us the information on what this young spirit wants, and then we can assist her on her journey back home to the light.

I'm amazed and impressed by these cards, and invite you to join us as we discuss the Konxari  Cards and their use with the photographer who created the images, Paul Michael Kane. Please join us, and if you miss the show, we invite you to listen in the archives.

I have a feeling we will hear some wonderful surprises.

For more information on the Konxari cards, visit

View a delightful video about the deck HERE.

BLOG UPDATE 8/8/10: We featured the show tonight with Paul Michael Kane, photographer of this amazing deck. We spoke of the significance of the symbols and letters on the deck. I ended up taking the letters that show on this deck:  WEPRISH  and went to an online anagram solver page to see if any words came up. Several words came up, but only one that was a single word solution:

11 results found:


Phew Sir

Her Wisp

Shrew Pi

Shew Rip

Hews Rip

Hew Rips

Rep Wish

Per Wish

Re Whips

Res Whip

And isn't that "whisper" a delightful addition to the clairaudience, or the "auditory" card. CHILLS!

Here's wishing you a tarot-filled week!


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