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"World Shock." 40 second reading with the Cat-rot Tarot & Pookie Cat

Posted by Donnaleigh on June 22, 2016 at 7:00 AM

The World and Tower cards together mean, quite literally, "World Shock." So what do the cards advise to heal?

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Hey guys, we have the Cat-rot Tarot deck (a deck for incredibly happy people).

And we have some difficult cards today. We’ve got The World, which is a pretty good card, it indicates everybody coming together or a world experience here. And The Tower: a crashing down, something that is not expected, something that bothers a lot of people (because of its tie to the World card).

This could be an International or National difficult situation.

I asked the Tarot cards here what we can do to help bring this together, what can we do to help bring the world together…

And the card that came up is the 3 of Pentacles. And this is working together as a team, really working with other people, working hard, same-focus: Allies.

So even if you’re not necessarily friends with someone, this is saying you can be professional with each other. It’s time to seek allies for support.


About this deck....

I ordered this through Etsy only a couple of weeks ago. They took a couple of weeks to arrive because the artist is from the Netherlands. I just Googled her on the date of this posting and don't see them on Etsy right now. Her website is at She also has a Facebook page

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