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Pick a Card: Your Weekly Reading (7/17/14)

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 17, 2014 at 11:05 AM

Welcome to my Table of Cards!

Ah, sit down, relax. It's time for YOU.

I've taken out 3 decks: two are tarot decks and one is an oracle deck.

Plus, for good measure, I've added some favorite amethyst runes

and one will randomly accompany each of the cards.

Because I did not get to draw cards last week to do this activity,

you may find that some of this past week's residual energy

will trickle in to this coming week's reading as well.

Which deck draws you today? Pick a deck and we'll see what message awaits you this week.

TIP: You may want to hover your hand over each one to see which one pulls you. Do you feel a pull? Or a warm spot? Maybe you have a pendulum you can use. The card you pick will embody something energetic around you for the coming week.

Once you choose a deck and feel confident with your choice,

scroll down below for your personal reading.


Animal Wisdom Tarot

Oracle of Visions

March Tarot by Jill Scott

(The March Tarot is a Massachusetts Tarot Society limited edition and not available for sale)

If You Chose 1

The Animal Wisdom Tarot, Lion (Strength): Ruler of the Open Heart

Rune:  Elhaz (protection), a beneficial new influence

This week, you may find yourself expressing personal authority and truth in order to be authentic to your beliefs. Your self-directed purpose may be challenged. As you discover yourself throughout your life, you will sometimes have to demonstrate your own leadership skills. As you find that source of guidance for others, act from the heart but remember grace when you express it. In order to be authentic to yourself, we must eventually realize we must also allow others to be authentic to themselves. Their authenticity is their strength, and each of us is the ruler of our own heart. Forcing another person against the wall is not grace. Nor is it authentic; it's just being bossy. Someone may confuse bossiness with authenticity.  But there are more graceful ways to express truths.

Being open to one's own desires comes with the eventual wisdom of recognizing that others are also rulers of their own lives....and if their opinions, desires or objectives do not coincide with what you desire, perhaps your experience is something meant more specific to you than them. Don't push the formula onto everyone's plates. They'll discover what works for them. Likewise, you may find this energy comes at you this week, where you may be expected to comply with something with with you disagree.

This is a powerful card, as the lion is considered the king, the top of the food chain. Yet even the lion may struggle with feeling week, ineffective or frustrated. Yet, this does not diminish his role or strength. The card advises expressing gentle compassion to yourself in the process and remembering to speak with respect...even when speaking to yourself.  And remember, failing to convince someone to understand your viewpoint or authentic beliefs does not in any way indicate a failure. It represents shades of authenticity for each of us, as we are each on a different path of learning.

The Elhaz rune supports your strength this week because it affirms that you are in a state of protection. If you create a gentle path and show this compassion, you will be enveloped in a powerful state of protection. It will be when you find yourself slipping into the abyss of loss of control, loss of compassion, that you will find that the energy of protection yields to fits of trouble. Soft compassion has more power than most people recognize. Power is not necessarily loud; it can be deep and soft-spoken wisdom that can outsmart brawn. Know that you are protected this week, even in a state of quiet. The bubble of grounding protection follows you and creates a shield of deflection against whatever troubles you.

Also know, you will be in a state of "reflection." What others give to you this week will return to them,so if it is positive, powerful positive energy will reflect back to them. But if they are negative, they will feel the sting of natural repercussions. Likewise, be careful yourself, as what you give can return to you. Allow the state of protection to maintain its duty without interfering with its quiet shield. But another agent of protection is added to the karmic reflection. Someone may step into your life this week. This person will be an agent of protection.

The woman and lion protect each other reciprocally here. Neither is in a state of distress where the other needs to rescue. Instead, they are supporting each other with a gentle presence of "I am here for you." They accept each other, they embrace each other, and despite differences in size, there is an air of respectful equality between them. The author of this deck says this lion melds female and male energies and "reminds us that true strength is not violent or controlling, but emerges through love, appreciation and acceptance of self and others."

Questions to ask yourself this week if you chose card/rune 1:

In a moment of frustration, where can acceptance be most effective this week?  How does quiet compassion protect me this week, where outbursts make me susceptible or ineffective? How do I express personal authority and how does this influence or affect others? How are others expressing their truths to me this week that I find either pompous, loud, or ineffective that leads me to feeling defensive rather than open? How does behavior create a reflection of karma? How do others express with compassion that leads me to a place of learning? How will speaking with a voice of grace and respect this week increase my power while opening someone's heart? How does the compassion of another person protect me? How can I do this for someone else? How are my actions reflecting back to me this week, and can this serve to protect me?  How does soft compassion win over violent words this week?

If You Chose 2

 Oracle of Visions, 35/Solitude, Loneliness, Isolation

Rune: Fehu (worth, value, status)

What is the value or solitude for you? How does being outside of the chaos of others create a space of quiet or peace? This week, realize the value of solitude, the healthy quiet you experience when you're away from the influence of others and allowed to retreat into your own space of personal ideas, reflections and pleasures.  By removing distractions, you will find that  the reduction in frustration follows.  Whether it's time to read a favorite book, write some prose, sit by the water's edge, or be in the moment with some gentle wind chimes, the quiet will help recalibrate your mind back to center and better prepare you for re-entry to the world.

Consider this like stopping at a gas station to refill your automobile's energy. Your car cannot refill on gas while it is on the go. It has to pull over, stop, and take time to refill before it is ready to launch again. Likewise, be aware of the quiet or still moments you have where you're asked to replenish. Even if it is your lunch break or work break and you're taking a moment to rest, allow yourself to be present in the  moment and reflect on the value of that respite moment. Where will you pull over to recharge and refill?

Recognize that there are times when it is wise for us to deliberately step back from the chaos and not be so driven by the drama that surrounds us. The distractions create a weather storm within us, and allowing this to retreat and quiet creates a healthier mindset.  Are you able to listen to the breeze and quiet without allowing the rush of the day's problems to follow you and interject?

Also, note when you can create deliberate moments of quiet even when surrounded by chaos at that moment. Don't own the chaos or make it "yours." When it's not in your control, don't try to control it.  Release. When you're waiting in line at the store, instead of frustration at the lost time, consider this a moment gained for yourself. Conscious breathing, moments of gratitude, and remembering the things that are of worth to you will create a deliberate space of solitude to sustain your spirit.

Those who are introverts will intrinsically know the value of the "solo recharge."  But even extroverts will find that there are times when turning down the noise allows for moments of profound appreciation and restoration. Even stopping for a sip of tea, a brisk walk alone, or escaping into a favorite, uplifting song can recharge one's batteries to prepare for the next burst of energy.

In a society that seems always to put value on "MORE!"... more stuff, more buying, more advertisements, more shoes, more food....where in your life could you benefit from more empty space? Do you already have all you need?  Can what you already have sustain you? Would a little less in some areas perhaps be even more desirable? Consider where the "madness of more" might halt if even for just a week, where clear space, a zen attitude, and finding value in the present moment can create more beauty than any furiously-mounting collection that serves to fill space.

Can you remove yourself from chaos this week and leave it behind you instead of taking it with you energetically? Can you honor the quiet without dragging along the chaos to that sacred space? This week is your week to find the value of quiet and the worth of separation....even if you do have to return to the space of "many" each day.

Questions to ask if you chose card 2:

What is the value of solitude for me this week? What deliberate moments of space and solitude can I create this week? How will removal replenish me? How can I reduce distractions and drama to create a healthy space of "less?" Where can I choose deliberate quiet? Do I make space for solitude? When people create drama around me, do I feed into it and return to it, or am I able to separate while allowing it to release from my own energy? How do I keep things from energetically following me into my sacred space of silence? 

If You Chose 3

The March Tarot, 9 of Pentacles (Satisfaction).

Rune: Sowilo. Sun, joy, victory, power

You remember the song by The Rolling Stones: "I can't get no satisfaction....but I try .... and I try....and I try....and I try."  We are all striving toward satisfaction. We try to achieve, gain, and  have moments of happiness that fulfill us. Even for those who have it all, though, we have watched them exit the living world with a feeling of "no satisfaction." So from where is satisfaction derived, then?

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This week, there will be a small epiphany of satisfaction when you realize you have exactly what you need. It may be a moment of gratitude for something self-achieved. Or it may be a realization that all seems settled this week, and you can revel in an accomplishment. When you've worked hard for something, it's okay to have a moment of admiration for what it's produced. Appreciation is on the menu.

This week is going to hold a perk for you. Stop and pay attention, because if you look closely, you've reached an important point in in your life that, if you observe and appreciate it, you will recognize you have excellent reason for recognizing fulfillment.  The feeling of being content with something may suddenly wash over you. There is great wisdom in this. Also recognize the things you are doing that are creating the means of satisfaction for you. Are you self-driven?

Take note of the results from your efforts. Yes, own it: YOUR efforts. You created it. Your work, your imprint on the world, your impression on the living. Bravo to you! You have changed the world by being in it.

Interestingly, this combination of card and rune suggests there may also come the opportunity to right a wrong. Whether it is someone reaching out to you, or you rectifying something for another, there is an opportunity for compensation to happen. The energy is open for a turning and "righting" of an obligation or concern. Something may be re-addressed and this is an opportunity to turn something right. It may feel like a repayment or fulfillment of an obligation. Sometimes this is as simple as a form of apology, or someone realizing they were at fault (is it you or another?). Other times, there is a repayment that is fulfilled or an obligation completed. But the fulfillment of a wish wants to happen this week, and the energy will push in your direction whether you are self-directed and make it happen for yourself, or you receive a pleasant surprise from another and find a satisfying outcome. Even if it may just be to realize, "Hey! I was right" (but, dude, avoid the temptation to say, "I told you so").

Expect to experience a smile. A big one. A big, honking satisfying one.


Paired with the joyful rune that represents joy, light, the sun, positive energy, this combination is going to be a happy act of fulfillment. Stop and appreciate this week from where you came, what you built, and how far you've come. Realize what you've done because YOU TRIED. Recognize the way you've driven your own life to achieve results.Your energy ... it has created change.

Beyonce once sang, "if you like it then you should have put a ring on it." Do you like it? Did you commit? Recognize the things in your life that you've "put a ring on." Where have you made solid commitments, both with people as well as your passions? Consider the rings you've put on, the commitments and dedicated choices, and what you've achieved because of dedication to a process. And then consider the rings that still need to be put on that have not yet found their way to the finger. Their time will come in the same way: dedication. Do you like it? Go ahead. Put a ring on it.

The Sowilo rune reveals the joy your accomplishments bring to you. Bask in it. This achievement is your very life nourishment. And if you've felt you've not yet completed that dream...appreciate the marker where you are. You're at an important check point.

Do you still have a dream that's waiting in the wings? What's the next step for you?  Have you been waiting for a sign to begin the process? Honey, this IS your sign. The time to commit is ripe for you right now. This week's card asks you to focus on your satisfaction and what that satisfaction means to your goals, destiny, dreams, and life purpose.

Questions to ask yourself if you chose card 3:

Where have I achieved a goal of satisfaction this week? How can I satisfy myself by being independent and self-directed? How has my ability to be self-driven brought me to satisfying places from which I now benefit? What is my next satisfying goal? What am I dedicated to that has resulted in achievement? What is the next destination where I'd like to "put a ring on it?" How can I focus on the concept of "satisfaction" this week and what this means to my destiny? Where can I find a bit of justice or evening-out this week? Is there wrong that needs to be right? Will I receive the correction or do I need to offer another an apology? 


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Here's wishing you a week of fulfillment,


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