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Pick a Card: Your Weekly Reading (7/5/14)

Posted by Donnaleigh on July 5, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Welcome to my tarot table, friend!

Have a seat and get comfortable. Let me pour you some tea...

I've taken out 3 special tarot decks today, each accompanied by a rune.

Which deck is calling to you for a reading?

Pick a deck, and let's see what special message awaits you this week.

TIP: You may want to hover your hand over each one to see which one pulls you. Do you feel a pull? Or a warm spot? Maybe you have a pendulum you can use. The card you pick will embody something energetic around you for the coming week.

Once you choose a deck and feel confident with your choice,

scroll down below for your personal reading.


Motherpeace Tarot

Mary-El Tarot

Sun and Moon Tarot

If You Chose Card 1


Motherpeace Tarot: 6 of Swords

Rune: Wunjo (joy, victory, in your favor)


The 6 of Swords in the Motherpeace deck is considered second only to the Ace as the most spiritual of the Swords suit. Notice the women in a circle, meeting each other in the middle. They are holding their knives of truth and red roses of passion. The background is the golden color of autumn, the season of death. The deck creators say of this card, "As the women join in flight, they think to themselves, 'Something is dying, but at least we have a clear idea of what is really happening. It may not be pleasant, but the ability to see things as a whole always feels good in its own right. At least we're out of range of the pain and confusion.' "


When we have the higher perspective of this floating tribe of women, seeing the bigger picture even though something may seem to be ending, we realize this is a victory and the successful culmination toward the next stage in our life. Yes, that's right. I did say "successful."  Even though something is over, you can consider this a victory.


Change and endings are always difficult. Letting go can feel like entering the unknown. Sometimes we worry we've failed when we exit. But you are headed toward better, and this spells triumph for you. Don't see it as a failure because something has expired. Instead, realize that this will open a door which would have otherwise remained closed to you until you were ready to turn from what was and instead face toward what will be.


Those knives of truth held together didn't come easy; truth is often learned the hard way. The truth can cut. But notice the roses offered together as a clan....great love and passion remain for you. Cut your losses, because you haven't really lost anything, you've gained a truth, a higher perspective, and you passed the test. Give yourself a reward for this culmination of knowledge. You worked hard for it. Trim the dead branches off the rose bush and watch how much more fully your plant will grow.


Notice the support you have around you. Recognize your tribe. Know those who share a common vision with you and keep those ties tight. Share the passion, and appreciate the perspective you've found together. This will bind you tightly, and with this strength in a group, you will find your way home together. The perspective you've gained together is a valuable one. Recognize your common truths, as you've each arrived here the hard way, and these truths bind you together.


Drop the hot coal that can no longer be held, and lift a rose of beauty toward those who walk the path alongside you. When you see everything from the air like this, the perspective of the bigger picture becomes apparent -- clarity! You can see what's outside of the realm of something that before you could only see from within a small space. Viewed from above, much more is apparent, and other opportunities can now be viewed as you've exited the confinement of a limited place. The beauty of the next opportunity that awaits you will be as fruitful and promising as the buds of Spring. It's okay to give yourself a chance to grieve what you thought you left behind if that is necessary, but don't forget the triumph. Because the triumph for your soul is the larger truth here when you see it through the eyes of wisdom, the evolutionary perspective.


Because this circle of women meets in the middle, consider the times this week when you might have to make a compromise and "meet in the middle." All these women are different and may not always see eye-to-eye, but the beauty blossoms and the circle maintains its balanced round shape when each respects the other and one reaches out to the other.



The differences in these women are beautiful (notice the variety of their colors), but what is more lovely are the compromises made to allow others' differences. These are little self-sacrifices we make out of love. We are reaching out with the roses and putting our swords together as one unit, not as a weapon but as a source of truth accepted when converged. But remember, all must meet in that center. In this image, one person is not making all the compromises; everyone's sword is actively poised toward the others' in an active salute. A compromise is not a compromise if one person is doing all the pushing and the other person is doing all the retreating. Sometimes we might have to come right out and gently ask for a little give-and-take if we've been pushed beyond what is considered fair. Keep the circle round and also know when it's your turn to bend a little more for the other.


Questions to ask yourself with Card 1:

What am I leaving behind right now, and how is this actually a victory for me? Who has been by my side through my shifts, peaks, and valleys? What have I learned together with others who share a common truth? What is our higher perspective? How have the people who held my hand through trouble provided me joy? How can I reciprocate? Where might I need to compromise this week? How might I fairly expect the same from another person? How can we meet in the middle?


If You Chose Card 2


The Mary-El Tarot: Knight of Cups

Rune: Jera (harvest, rewards for your efforts, justice, positive outcome)


The Knight of Cups in this deck was "fashioned after a knight on the grail quest." So what is the grail? The grail is the meaning of your life, your very reason for being. The Mary-El deck creator, Marie White, says that keywords for this card include "searching for matters of the heart, love, meaning in life, compassion, experience, maturity being the key, and a self-made person.


With the successful Jera rune, we see here that your quest will lead you to the Holy Grail, your own purpose in life, and this will not only balance the scales of justice (as you are living for that for which you came), but it will create a positive outcome with remarkable personal rewards. The lily here rises out of the blood in the cup like a pond lily rises out of the mud. After all the muck and trouble and mess...perfect, clear beauty blooms and the reward is reaped. It is pure and honest, and it's highlighted as a message of peace and personal truth.


Marie also mentions of this card that there are two chances to receive the grail: "The first comes when one is young and naive, the second comes after one has gained experience and character." Consider where you are in your life right now, and how finding the realness within you is the purpose, the true meaning in your life. When one looks upon the grail for the first time with clear vision, maturity begins and we become self-made, not other-made. Though your choice may feel like it sheds blood, as others aren't always happy with anothers' dreams...recognize that this is your OWN life-blood, your own truth, your own pulse and purpose. There comes a time when we stop living other people's purposes, and look upon our grail with clarity and recognize: this is how I sow my harvest. I should have seen it all along. It always felt right, regardless of others' opinions.


Sometimes we learn this with repeated little victories throughout our lives rather than one massive, single decision. We realize there are multiple realizations upon which we finally act (and then become). A mini-epiphany awaits you this week, a clear moment of truth where your Holy Grail is peeked into once again. And you become this card.


Questions to ask yourself with Card 2:

 What is the Holy Grail, the purpose within myself that I am discovering at this very moment? How have I struggled with self-versus-others when trying to discover my own truth? How can taking a sip out of this personal grail lead me to fulfillment? How will I be able to harvest completeness and create my own personal victory, regardless of what others think is right? How is the lily rising out of the mud and blood for me...that pure answer that remains still and steadfast, waiting quietly within the chaos? How will personal justice, balance, and rewards be available to me if I recognize this truth?


If You Chose Card 3


Sun and Moon Tarot: Princess of Swords

Rune: Ansuz (communication, thoughts, advice, wisdom, apprenticeship, exposure to something new)


For you, this is a week of discovery, learning, and finding that right source of truth and learning. You are dancing a victory dance, and it comes from the source of another's mouth, another's ability to communicate what they know, so you become the student.


There will be a passion for truth and discovery as something new arrives at your feet. Will it be something as simple as a hobby? Or something as involved as stepping toward an entirely new focus in your life? You become the student who seeks this week, and when the student is ready -- behold! -- the teacher appears.


The Princess of Swords is the youngest of the courts, and with the naiveté of her youth comes the will to learn, to openly expand her knowledge. Her head may still be in the clouds about some of the more in-depth wisdom to come, but that will come in due time. For now, no matter her true age, she is a chid at heart while she finds curiosity and is pulled to learn something new. No matter her age, she will find the newness of youth in this venture. Appreciate the openness available to you. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and this bliss is what is meant to magnetize us toward things that will inspire us.


Continue to seek, and know that you can become somehow changed by the things you learn. Also recognize how this new insight will help you communicate with yourself and it may change how you do so. Both the Swords suit of this card and the Ansuz rune speak about communication. Receiving the voice of another this week opens you up to a new realm of knowledge. This is a powerful week of communication and getting an edge on yourself by learning.


Because both of these oracles speak so strongly of communication, this is also your week to speak up. Because the Page is so youthful, sometimes she thinks she makes herself clear, but others may misinterpret her. So pay extra careful attention to communication and clarity of messages this week. Whether it's you or another that is represented by this Page, a little bit of clarification may be necessary to get the message across as it is intended. Through that message and exchange, something is learned.


You've heard of "lucid dreaming," yes? Well, there will be times this week when you have the opportunity to experience "vivid learning" or "lucid growth" through others' communications. Don't wait for a formal education for all your lessons. You won't need a student loan for this class: this is the Great School of Life, and you will learn much through others just by watching and listening.


You can be transformed by the lessons you learn as a student who observes the lessons of others. Your professors are those little elves of life who teach you something positive you can gain ... or ... teach you something to avoid. You don't have to put your hand on the burner to realize it's hot after watching someone else suffer the consequences. Learn through studying others this week; you'd be amazed how much we learn through others' mistakes...and victories. Prevent a faux pas of your own by being a good student and observing the lesson another presents to you. Silently thank your teacher, and appreciate either the third degree burn you just avoided yourself, or the little life perk that just gave you a tidbit of wisdom that will benefit you in your growth.


With the Princess of Swords comes the ability to cut through truths on her learning journey. So have your crap-o-meter finely tuned so you'll be able to weed through those times when communication received is distorted. Even the student should sometimes question authority, because someday she will be her own authority. And then she will teach her own truth.


Questions to ask with Card 3:

 Who are the teachers in my life this week? What am I starting to learn that is benefitted by another's knowledge? Where am I still green? Where is my head still in the clouds? How will I learn by observing others' lessons this week? Where do I remain forever young and curious as I seek something new? Where am I in the early stages of truth and knowledge about something that has drawn me in? How does learning something new spark the youthfulness in me? What are the little truths I'm cultivating as I weed through gained knowledge?





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