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Pick a Card: Your Weekly Reading (6/29/14)

Posted by Donnaleigh on June 29, 2014 at 7:40 PM

Welcome to my tarot table, my friend!

Relax. Let me pour you a hot cup of tea. Have a seat and get comfortable.

I've taken out 3 favorite tarot decks today, each created by Marcia McCord.

Which deck is calling to you for a reading?

Pick a deck, and let's see what special message awaits you this week.

TIP: You may want to hover your hand over each one to see which one pulls you. Do you feel a pull? Or a warm spot? Maybe you have a pendulum you can use. The card you pick will embody something energetic around you for the coming week.

Once you choose a deck and feel confident with your choice,

scroll down below for your personal reading.


Picture Postcard Tarot

Art Postcard Tarot

Tea Tarot

If You Chose Card 1

Picture Postcard Tarot: Strength

Rune: Fehu (worth, money)

Self-concept may be an energetic focus for you this week. There are times when we learn better ways of doing things because of having paid the price in the past, as Strength often has to do with not realizing how strong we are until we have been put through the fire. And there are some who can learn just as well by watching others make mistakes. But if you can find that place where you have made peace with something that used to trouble you, your sense of personal power will reach a new plateau. You will have overcome the opposing force because they no longer get under your skin.

You may find circumstances this week that push inward and challenge your sense of self-concept, or even for a moment, self-worth. Here is a tip: you must not define yourself by opposition that seems to descend on you. When you have support, sure, you may feel stronger about who you are and how you are seen as a whole. Yet when you are challenged, you may feel persecuted or pushed down. You're the same person either way, so the opinions are just varied personalities and the baggage they bring. "You are who you are" despite anyone's opinion-du-jour.

Know that sometimes opposition is about a show of strength by someone who is using tactics to protect their own turf; the territory war may have little to do with who you are and more to do with what they want. Some feel the need to establish a pecking order by puffing their feathers and getting noticed as bigger than, better than, louder than. But not all pecking orders are defined by brawn. He who is loudest is not always the one who is right. And there are times when both sides may be correct for different reasons, even if the opinions vary.

Stay true to who you are, mind your manners, and you will have few regrets afterward. If you are being forced into being something other than you are -- either by complying to the opposition's wishes out of force, or by mirroring their brawn to fight back -- regret will likely follow. Some things were not meant to be brought into a wrestling ring. It's okay to agree to disagree. Different viewpoints are actually healthy here. What is unhealthy is the dogmatic need to control or suppress another. Live and let live. Know when you're being oppressed, and know when you're suppressing another. Recognize when dogma becomes a tool of force.

Don't define your self-worth by whether or not your opinion is fully understood. You know what you know, and some opinions are too personal for others to separate from themselves. It becomes less an issue of trying to explain one's position than it becomes a personal argument or pissing contest that must be "won" to preserve one's honor. Avoid mud-slinging, and know that in this case, the gentler may be the correct force. Those who need to see the correct vision will see it, and the mud-slingers may find in the end that they get some mud on their own toes. Oh, wait! That's not mud! (Observe quietly, and learn from this).

Compassion and gentleness will be the force of change where it needs to happen. Softness will be sovereign. Compassion will be King. Observe its massive power; don't be deceived by thinking gentleness is weakness. Its power is life-shifting and life-shaping.

Know that:

1) Oppression must not define your self-worth this week.

2) The *way* someone expresses an opinion this week will have everything to do with how people accept what is said. Behavior may outweigh content here for listener acceptance. Brawn may backfire.


How can I best manage my responses this week when I feel challenged? How does another's dogma impact my opinion of them or even myself? How do differing opinions become personalized and a part of who we are? Why does being loud feel by some as having won? Can I recognize that being challenged in my opinion does not diminish my self-worth? Can the other recognize this about themselves? Can an opinion be separated from the person speaking it? How does changing the tone of what I say alter the way the message is accepted?

If You Chose Card 2

Art Postcard Tarot: 7 of Swords

Rune: Kennaz (gamble, creativity, fire, opening up, male)

There it goes. It belonged to another, and now it's theirs. You know what they say: "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine." Things move from person to person, whether it's ideas from each other or synchronistic gifts that are received simultaneously from the ethers. Someone shows what they hope to be creative fire, but darn, it's either taken from another in concept or is meant to take away something from the other person.

When you witness this, the trick will be in the response. Is this passing on a torch? Or is it an outright grab? This bear is running and hands are trying to catch him. As upset as he may be that he is being chased, check it out: this enterprising bear remains in the lead. "Catch me if you can!" The leader is the winner here. The others are lost in the wake of his speed.

Some cannot create on their own, so they take. Yet here's the kicker: they admire the one from which they take. While imitation may not be the sincerest form of flattery to the one who experiences the theft, it is irresistible to the person with sticky fingers. In a way, they are "becoming" what they admire. If you witness someone doing this to another person this week, be a support beam for the one experiencing the loss. They'll need the release of a listening ear. Offer it openly (chocolate always helps).

When something is taken, know whether it is taken word for word, as a violation may have occurred. If it is an idea that was "borrowed," hope that there is credit by the author or that it be returned, but not all are open to this. After all, had they asked first, it would not have been a theft. And when is the last time you saw a thief ask for permission to climb in your window?, neither.

Some are not looking out for others' best interest; they are looking out for their own. For some, free is better than earned. You are bigger than this. Again, don't take it too personally when it happens. While this is testimony to your having something worth appreciating, graspy fingers aren't one-time offenders. This is more about their habits and needing to appear like that which they take, rather than someone specific being a targeted victim. Next month, another will be their target. But consider it a twisted compliment. It's the best they can do.

On another note, this week, you're also being advised to "steal away" for a bit. Shirk responsibility for at least an hour this week, and escape the grind to play a bit or express your creative fire. The hounds of responsibility will likely chase you, but let the time complete itself gracefully before returning back to finish your necessary tasks. You'll feel better for it. The work is not going anywhere; it will be there when you return. A little bit of play does a body good.


Where am I feeling violated, and how is this more about the violator's issues than my own? Can I realize that when I feel something is taken, that I'm still ahead of the perpetrator? And in order to release myself from overburden: how can I escape this week to do something that lights my creative fire?

If You Chose Card 3

Tea Tarot: 4 of Pentacles

Rune: Laguz (water, emotions, intuition, female, learning success)

The first big message here with the tea cups, the hoarding card, and the Laguz (water) rune....drink more water! A massage therapist recently shared that most of her clients are dehydrated when they come. She can see this in their skin's ability to resume a resting position. This will be a great week for you to take your favorite water bottle with you and give it a guzzle! Your mind will be clearer, and....surprise! may find an improvement in your skin as well.

You may even want to substitute other drinks for water this week. The diuretic characteristics of caffeine may undo perks you may have otherwise received from the liquids.

Have you seen the power of water? Check out these surprising images of a woman who increased her water intake for a month. The fountain of youth is right at your tap....

But also consider the metaphoric energy of water and going with the flow. When do you hold on too tightly when something could be released like water flowing, slipping through your fingers, released gently and without concern? How does retaining this energy rather than releasing it bloat your energy? When you feel yourself getting wound too tight, embody the energy of water and flow freely without the constraints of rigid structure. The balance between free-flow flexibility and rugged rigidity may be two opposing energies this week that work to teach you the way to find the middle ground ... IF you are ready to heed the teacher. Sometimes this means coming head-to-head with dogma, as there is no energy quite as rigid as dogged dogma. Can you let it flow? And flow away? Often it is easy to identify another's dogma. But can we identify our own? Where can we let it flow freely instead of nailing it into the wall every time?

This young tea drinker is holding fast to her cup, and this 4 of Pentacles tarot card is often about holding on tightly to what we have. But bigger than this is the combination of this card with the rune that speaks of intuition and gut knowledge and flow. Despite what you are told this week, you're advised to trust that little voice that resides in are feeling a difference in belief or opinion for a reason. When you are asked to change for someone, does it feel right, or does it feel wrong? Are you drinking from your own cup? Or are you busy drinking from someone else's toddy in lieu of trusting the wisdom in yourself? And will there be something you're holding onto tightly that would be better served released? Have you finished the cup already? Why are you still hanging onto it? Has it finished its purpose in your life?

When it comes to sharing differences, this tea girl watches and listens but isn't participating. You needn't share your differences with everyone this week, yet do know that you are best served honoring the "knowing" within yourself that is correct. You will learn much from what you hear. If you let it, you might even find it entertaining rather than bothersome -- if you take on the right mindset. There may be nothing for you to protect; just observe.

The 4 of Pentacles card tends to be one who does not share freely; this card holds onto stuff. You don't have to participate or offer to everything; it's okay to have a cup of tea and just observe. It's okay to think without sharing every thought. There are times when opinions won't benefit the people they're with. With the rune of water, these two oracle systems combined suggest, "Observe, but honey, just go with the flow." You may get stuck in an eddy for a bit, but that won't be permanent; it's just a circular pit stop that will let go in no time.

This week, holding onto something, holding something back will serve a purpose, AND ... to complete the lesson, something else will be held onto that has outlived its purpose. It may be time to let that one go. Is it a physical thing, or is it an energetic burden? Can you tell the difference between what you should keep and what you should release? Has its purpose expired?


How should I trust my own gut this week instead of listening to another's suggestion? How can I just observe and hold back this week to serve my highest good? What is something physical I'm holding onto that has no more purpose for me? What energetic blob am I holding onto whose purpose has expired? When it it time to let something go like water through my fingers? When does an opinion cause more issues than it's worth? And....can I add a little more fluidity (or literal fluids) to my life?



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