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Pick a Card: Your Weekly Reading (6/21/14)

Posted by Donnaleigh on June 21, 2014 at 1:25 PM

Welcome to my tarot table!

Relax. Let me pour you a cup of hot tea.  Would you like honey with that?

Have a seat and get comfortable.

I've taken out 3 favorite tarot decks today.

Which deck is calling to you for a reading?

Pick a deck, and let's see what special message awaits you this week.

TIP: You may want to hover your hand over each one to see which one pulls you. Do you feel a pull? Or a warm spot? Maybe you have a pendulum you can use. The card you pick will embody something energetic around you for the next week.

Once you choose a deck and feel confident with your choice,

scroll down below for your personal reading.


Peaceful Path Tarot by Jill Scott

Steele Wizard Tarot by Pamela Steele

Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne

If You Chose Card 1

Peaceful Path Tarot, Queen of Swords

Okay, so she gets a bad rap sometimes. But the Queen of Swords, you'll find, has a purpose that serves us well.  This strong energy speaks her mind, and she is able to speak on behalf of others as well. She's an outstanding advocate, and she oozes confidence forward as she channels intelligence and strength. What she must be careful of in the process is the power of her tongue and how sharp it can be. In her frenzy and excitement, sometimes this may work against her, although sometimes it may work in her favor. But this Queen usually believes she is fair, even when there is a bite to her brogue.

You may find this week (or in the next two weeks, as one may happen each week), that both of the following may happen:

  1. You may be on the receiving end of the Queen of Swords, someone who speaks their mind and it may have a tad of a caustic zing to it. Don't take it too personally. The Queen (male or female, but a strong liklihood it is a female) is speaking more about circumstance, personal opinions, or beliefs than people, and it's easy to let our egos get caught in the web of the story.
  2. You may find that you're the one producing the strong energy of opinion, justification, and power. You may have to stand up for someone or something, and this may be an advocacy situation where you play an important role. Remember how you felt being on the receiving side of the Queen, though, and be sensitive that no matter how well our intentions, someone may take it personally (even if we don't mean to thump anyone in the head when we speak our mind).

The Queen of Swords is often seen as the Queen Bee-Atch of the deck. When she misuses her energy, she is spiteful, hurtful, and can have a temper that may leave her on her own when others scatter. Often people feel they can't fully breathe around her when she's so busy forcing her opinion down everyone's throats. So it will be  important not to misuse this Queen's energy this week, and when it happens to someone else, give gratitude that it wasn't you this time.  And most of all: don't take it personally. This is not about you.  If she tries to force-feed you, it may be difficult to rebut this week without overpowering the original Queen and misusing your own energy. When you're invited to that argument...recognize it, and hit mute unless you feel advocacy absolutely cannot be denied. Just always keep the outcome in mind. If the outcome could be worse that where you are now... take a breath. Sometimes it is best zip the lip.

The booklet that comes with this deck says that this Queen is often "a survivor of trauma," and that "she is dedicated to the point of self-sacrifice." Many of her actions are likely built from experience and her attempts to keep her world safe and balanced.  When it's you in the shoes of the Queen, be aware of these pesonal sacrifices our words can create. And be aware of how our past experiences create our current life filter. Remember, it may not always be worth being a martyr.  There are times when we may not be able to change another's thoughts or beliefs. And yet... and yet.... there are times when our voice can change the world, can protect someone, CAN advocate for something or someone who is unable to speak for themselves.

Know when the Queen is used for good, and recognize when she appears simply as a reactionary impulse. There is a difference, though sometimes it's hard to know which is which when you're "in the vortex."

Questions to ask yourself this week with Card 1, the Queen of Swords:

Am I just being reactionary when I speak out? Or am I contributing toward a higher outcome? What situations are putting me on both sides of criticicm: receiving it, or giving it? How does seeing both sides make me wiser for both receiving and giving criticism?  How does the delivery of my or others' words impact the message the words are intended to deliver?  Am I ready for powerful advocacy? Is it necessary in a way that will create a better outcome, or am I self-sacrificing by being impulsive?

If You Chose Card 2

Steele Wizard Tarot, 2 of Swords

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. This week, there may be something one does not want to see, so a blind eye is turned. Or is it that it is seen, but we aren't seeing the full picture and this creates a barrier toward full understanding? It's hard for us to recognize how often we have to fill in the unknown with context. And fillers aren't always real. After all, we believe things to be a  certain way and the fillers are made of beliefs and assumptions. Doesn't our mind always want us to believe we are correct? But there lives an undercurrent of other things here that have not yet been revealed, and that holds back the clearest perception. Guess what? Sometimes we may not understand things fully as they are. The 2 of Swords often keeps us there if we continue to pose in that cross-armed lock-jam. It may be hard, but are you able to put at least one of the swords down and lift at least one eye to see the truth?

While not everything may be exactly as it seems, it's also okay to create a boundary to allow in only that which you see fit to enter. Boundaries are a necessary and loving form of self-respect and safety. You're allowed to give this to yourself without guilt. Just be sure they don't keep you from living. After all, if you're holding both those swords, it sure is hard to pick up something else to do in the meantime. And with our eyes covered, we may not even recognize all the possibilities available to us if we keep everything out. Take a peek once in a while; you might be surprised what you see.

Also, expect to witness or be a part of a stalemate of some sort this week. No one wins this time, but neither may make fair compromises, either. For both, the choice in the middle doesn't seem ideal. So it creates a frozen status quo that may create some tension for the moment. Conflicting ideas or perspectives create a bit of a chasm to cross. And with this may come a wee bit of self-protectiveness. Okay, maybe more than a wee bit.

There may also come an opportunity to make a decision between Choice A and Choice B this week. When this comes up, you may feel reluctant to choose either. There is a reason for this. Neither may be exactly what you want. We expect that what is "behind one curtain" is a winning choice, and what is behind another is the poorer choice, but there are times when neither curtain may hold exactly what we wish. Sometimes waiting for a different choice or opportunity is the wiser route. Don't feel pinned to just these choices if you know more await, even if they aren't available to you right at this moment. Don't feel an impulse to force yourself into a decision you don't feel ready or prepared to choose just yet. Waiting may be to your benefit. Time is a perk here.

Questions to ask  yourself this week for Card 2, the 2 of Swords:

This week, what will you see with new eyes if you let yourself drop a barrier? What line in the sand will keep your world clean? What compromise hangs in the air because neither wants the choices in the middle? And what choice do you feel forced to make, when really the unknown choice that hasn't been displayed yet might be the better answer?

If You Chose Card 3

Tarot Illuminati, 3 of Wands

"I have a dream," Martin Luther King once said. And so do you. That dream....that ship on the horizon that you long for. You can almost see it ... but man, you sure can taste do you reach for it? This is your ship coming in, mate. And it's headed straight for you.

This is a great week to make plans for your future, to take that next step. Start reaching further toward that dream. You may not achieve it this week, but you won't be able to touch it unless you do take that step forward. This vision of yours, the powerful draw that pulls you, it is waiting for you. All it takes is a little fire, a little energy, and a vision, your passion. The energy is just waiting for you to step into it. Don't be shy!

In order to make things happen, you must be ready to take the next step. If your question is, "When will my dream come true?" the answer is directly related to, "When will I take the first step forward?" This will take action, talents, and a bit of planning on your part to get this dream from the eithers into manifestation. But you can already see it, can't you?  This is a future-related card, so what you do now *will* impact your tomorrow. Are you ready to lauch your ship and raise the sails? This card suggests learning, reaching toward, investing in your future. It may involve networking with others, as there are all those ships out there...will you catch one? How can communication with it help you live the dream?

If you're not sure how to move forward, create a vision board to express your dream. Consider this a first step in your plan toward that goal. Your mighty dream may be business related. Or it might be a hobby calling you, a travel wish, a relationship dream....whatever it is....this is a great week to create a clear vision. Put your attention (and intentions) on that which you seek to achieve. It's time to start a baby step to put that plan into action.

And notice the imagery in this particular 3 of Wands. It's as if he's saying, "Look  at me! I can do this with both hands behind my back!" And yes he can. And yes, YOU can. You weren't given this skill and interest by accident.

Oh, and one more thing about this card: there is travel going on with these ships. So you may find yourself either traveling, thinking of traveling, or getting ready to travel as the "movement" energy of this card moves its fire through your veins.  Bon voyage!

Questions to ask yourself this week with Card 3, the 3 of Wands:

What is my dream and what small step can I take to reach toward it's fruition? Where am I moving toward? What is the next step in my plan?  Where can I go?  How will networking serve me this week? What small choice today will initiate the change toward my future?



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