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Pick a Card: Your Reading This Week (5/10/14)

Posted by Donnaleigh on May 10, 2014 at 8:25 AM

The randomly drawn Tarot cards you see here are card BACKS to three decks. One of these cards represents a personal tarot message for you this week.

Which card gives you an intuitive "ping?" Be forewarned: the card image underneath may not match the vibe of the image on feeeeeeeel it. Feel what's "under." 

TIP: You may want to hover your hand over each one to see which one pulls you. Do you feel a pull? Or a warm spot?  Maybe you have a pendulum you can use. The card you pick will embody something energetic around you for the next week.

Once you choose a card and feel confident with your choice,

scroll down below for your personal reading.



Badgers Forest Tarot

Dream Raven Tarot

Fairy Tarot

If you chose Card 1

Badgers Forest Tarot: Kit of Badgers (Page of Swords)

This young badger is driven by the grips of curiosity. He has plenty of ideas and things he sees spark new ideas. He's always wondering how to do the next best thing, how to discover something exciting, learn something new. This week, the badger is excited about a message he gets about a new idea. Will he try it? He's hungry enough...he will search because he knows there is something special for him to find...somewhere.

This week, a message --  something new -- comes to mind, and you may find some excitement over something that charges you up, gives you inspiration, makes you feel ignited once again. Grab the idea when it comes, as this will be something you won't want to miss.This will feed you like food quenches an appetite.

This week, be ready for the whisper of inspiration because it holds the vocabulary to what you need to further your passion. This will take you a step closer to that dream. Don't worry about not knowing enough'll gather as you go, and this is the great classroom called life. The things you stumble upon this week will take you closer to -- not further from -- the dream. Access that portal while the Universe has graciously opened to you!  You may have to look in a few nooks and crannies for some tips, ideas or answers, as this badger is exploring the hole in the log...and he isn't yet quite sure what might be tucked away in there. It is sure to give him a surprise. He'll wonder why he didn't look sooner. But if he does the work, he will find what he's looking for.

This is only the beginning of the journey. What you learn now is but a spark of what is yet to come. But as you learn and go, be prepared to journey from apprentice toward the realm of expertise, as the student is on his way to becoming a teacher, and the novice is on his way to becoming an expert. Are you ready for the upgrade?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver




If you chose Card 2

Dream Raven Tarot, 6 of Cups

Are you ready to fill your cup with the spiritual gifts that are about to be bestowed upon you? The booklet that accompanies this deck says of this card, "The raven is rising from the folds of the ocean, each feather supporting a cup with spiritual abundance dripping down from the sky, refilling the cups again and again."

This week bodes well for you with the presence of spiritual gifts and rewards around you. Hold out your cup and be prepared to receive, because the weather forecast for you this week is predicting something special coming your way. The spiritual gift you will receive will certainly add to your abundance and enrichen your life's experience. Part of the gift is being able to take some moments to tend to your own needs and this will rejuvenate you and reset your personal sense of calibration. Like meditating brings us back to center, the spiritual gift you receive resets something in you of a spiritual nature and brings the pendulum back to center. Sometimes it takes a little fun to find the sun. Create your own magic here. You have the power.

This week you may also find yourself reflecting on things you have that often are taken for granted. Realize that you already have all you need, and the extras that come to you will be things of pleasure rather than of survival,  so these pleasantries should not go unnoticed. Your attention to them may make you realize just how much does surround you and how little more is really needed.

Yet, because the Universe is open to you this week, be prepared to lift your cup and let a little more in, because the attitude of gratitude will create for you a magnet of reasons to be thankful, and you'll see them surround you. It's time to count your blessings. Play a little with what you have.

This card also shows the raven quite joyfully dancing in the rain. Why is it that we avoid that which nourishes us most: the rain? We use a roof, umbrellas, we hide under things to avoid it. And yet, without the rain, we would wither, could not grow. Whatever it is that falls upon you this week, it represents the rain that will actually create nourishment for your growth. Dance in it a bit...don't fear it....don't worry about it rustling your feathers or frizzing your hair....just dance in it and know that the rain is safe. It actually brings you life. It is not to be avoided. Rather, reach your hand out and feel the drops that sustain your life. Put out a few cups and catch it, perhaps create a ritual of gratitude for that which we take for granted or even avoid at times.

Focus on joy this week, on play and on receiving what makes you smile. Life should not be all work; it's time to dance around the kitchen to your favorite song in your underwear, if that is what it takes to have a party. Are you ready to put your party pants on? Are you ready to splash barefoot in a few warm puddles?

“When it's over, I want to say:

all my life I was a bride married to amazement."

― Mary Oliver

If you chose Card 3

Fairy Tarot, 9 of Bells (9 of Pentacles)

Ah, you have chosen the magical card of achievement and success. This is a wonderful personal omen for you, and if you were ever asking for a small voice to tell you when the time is right, well here it is: "THE TIME IS RIGHT!"  You can work independently on this right now if you want, but you'll also find yourself surprisingly supported by those around you. Need help? You'll be surprised if you ask for assistance. There will be great enjoyment in what you do. If you ask, "enjoyment by whom: by me or by others?".....well, the answer is "YES!"  It's time to crown yourself with the reward of achievement, as your hard work is ready to be rewarded. Are you ready to step forward and make it happen?

Though this is traditionally a card of independence, note that the imagery on this card shows community support, friendliness, and reciprocation. The pleasure in their company makes the accomplishment even more enjoyable. It's twice as nice with a friend. After all, when we have someone with which to share it, it doubles our pleasure. Prepare for double-trouble, as you will have some achievements to celebrate, even if it is just looking back at how far you've come. And your role should really be recognized, for you have changed your environment because of your presence.

How many people have you touched already this year alone? The ripples you have caused will go further than your eye will see or deeper than your heart will feel. Keep the ripples going by constantly tossing smooth stones into the pond. Those ripples keep the pond alive. And who knows what shore they'll land on. Are you ready to spread some outward-bound rings upon the surface of stillness and send a little current of energy toward those around you ... and beyond?

As Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story once said, (may you go) "to infinity and beyond!" 

And then watch what happens when you trust in infinity...




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Here's wishing you a joyful week manifesting dreams,






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