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Tarot Bridges

Posted by Donnaleigh on May 9, 2010 at 9:55 AM

At the Reader's Studio, I was honored to have been chosen as one of the Breakfast Round Table Discussion presenters.  It was great fun to have the autonomy of choosing any topic I wished to discuss, and I decided to skim through a book I am writing, called "Tarot Bridges," and share some of the things I'd learned through tarot.

Presenting to one's peers can be a bit unnerving. Looking out and seeing the faces of the very people who have impacted my own journey, those who have many more years experience than I have had, and whose knowledge runs circles around my own. These are the very people I care most about when it comes to opinions related to my tarot work.

Yet, it was amazing to have people approach me after the discussion to share the topic's impact on them, some with tears, some with excitement, others with stories of their own to share. Each one was like an emotional nugget of gold for me, something for me to learn, something for  me to hold onto.

Jordan Hoggard ( approached me after the discussion with the most amazing gift.  An architect by trade, Jordan created a complex picture with gorgeous artistic perspective about the spread I had created that was an attempt to be "the ultimate spread," a condensation of all the big questions we ask, made into one simplified "core" spread (more on that in a future blog). As a practiced architect, he took a theoretical concept and made it dimensional through his art.

It is a great honor to share this picture with you. Thank you, Jordan, for your permission to allow me to share this (picture below).

The picture shows from two perspectives, the spread put into an actual "bridge" form, since the talk was called "Tarot Bridges."

The four cards are illustrated here:

  1. The Bridge Card (where you are, the current situation, the now,  the core of the issue)
  2. Antagonist card (the challenge, the struggle, what holds you back)
  3. The Advice Card (what you can do to better your situation, what to do)
  4. The Outcome (where you will likely head, the future)

This is the spread that I use almost exclusively for most fast readings on my radio podcast, and in many of my private live readings by phone and in person. I love stacking cards in each position to watch the play of emotions, the story, and the push-me-pull-you impact of one card on another.

  1. Jordan brilliantly showed the "now" card to be at the entrance of the bridge, before we "step on."
  2. The challenge was drawn as a physical barrier at the entrance of the bridge, preventing us from stepping upon the journey.
  3. The advice was a clear sign above the bride, atop the challenge, at the opening of the bridge's entrance, as a road sign would be posted to give us clear directions to our destination.
  4. And the outcome card was pictured at the other side of the bridge, clearly showing us the land to which we are headed.

Seeing it from two perspectives (front and side) really created a realistic dimension to the theoretical "bridge."  I was awed.

The theme at the end of my discussion featured the lyrics to the Simon and Garfunkel song, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," which to me described the function of tarot. It is our bridge to a better destination. A clarifier of actions to create specifically defined goals and directions. It gives us hope in our darkest hours, and shows us a road to light.  Jordan wrote this song at the top of the portrait, a personal signature of this spread. Like a bridge over troubled waters, those cards lay themselves down. Sail on Silver Girl...all our dreams are on their way. See how they shine!

Thank you, Jordan, for this profound gift, and thank you to those who came to listen. It is you who create my bridge to the community.

The beautiful "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" song, with lyrics, is in the below video.

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Here's wishing you a Tarot-filled week full of bridges and bright outcomes.




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