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Speed Blog - Soul Stretching

Posted by Donnaleigh on November 9, 2013 at 8:00 AM

As a sample, I pulled a card from the Tarot Iluminati by Erik C. Dunne.

And I got....


My soul is being pushed to experience things outside of my original world view.

I am being shown the counter sides to what I once thought true,

revealing realities that oppose what I once believed.

The world is different than what I arrived thinking it to be.

I am also being taught that the world is not as complete as I once thought.

There are darker depths and yet more to challenge my/our beliefs.

I will be pushed back to the other cards that come before the World

(all the Major Arcana cards)

to experience more lessons to continue to stretch the perception of my world.

What card did YOU get?



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