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Review: Gilded Reverie Lenormand, Mass Market Edition

Posted by Donnaleigh on October 5, 2013 at 7:00 PM

"Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development,

invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears."

Edgar Allan Poe

Card Images copyright 2013 by U.S. Games Systems. Further reproduction prohibited

This deck is now available for purchase through U.S. Games Systems, Inc,, and the package deal from Ciro (with the extra accessories) is HERE.

Luscious, opulent, rich, vibrant, gem-like, sturdy....these are all words I'd use to describe the mass market edition of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand, a deck of outstanding quality, created by artist, Ciro Marchetti, and published by U.S. Games Systems.

This is a Lenormand deck, not a tarot deck, and it contains 36 cards, the traditional number of cards found in a traditional Petit Lenormand deck.

Let's enter the reverie together!

Title: Gilded Reverie Lenormand (mass market edition)

Artist: Ciro Marchetti

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Available around October 15, 2013.

Style of Art: Hand-drawn digital creations

Card Stock: Sturdy, strong, one of the nicest card stocks I've felt

Price: $19.95, plus shipping.

To experience this as a video deck review of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand,

as well as to view all the card images, click on the video image below.

Otherwise, read on....

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Deep red and black checkered pattern with gold filigree embellishment. These backs do not have the embossing that the collector's edition has, but these have a remarkable gloss.


The edges fade to a deep black border, very unobtrusive, and they do not take up much of the card. Gold embellishments adorn the corners.

Size and color comparison of mass market version (left) and the collector's edition (right)

Size: 2 3/4" x 4  (just slightly smaller than the collector's edition, see image above)

Color: Full, vibrant color, looks like they are back-lit. Very easy to see, luscious on the eyes. To be honest, I found the colors popped even more than in the collector's edition. Readers will be very excited about the quality and crispness of these images.

Gold Gilded Edges!


Rich gloss, gilded edging adding a rich visual texture to the cards.


Cleanly. The cards are sturdy, and it is half the amount of cards as a tarot deck.

Number of cards:

36 cards, the correct number of cards for a traditional Petit Lenormand deck. This deck does not contain the extra cards found in the collector's edition. It does not have the extra Man and Woman cards, it has the Birds card without the additional choice of the Owl card, and it does not contain the extra four cards: Time, Bridge, Dice or Mask. This deck has exactly 36 cards, as in a complete, traditional Petit Lenormand deck. 

Will subsequent printings ever contain the extra bonus cards found in Ciro's collector's edition? 

The deck is being printed with only 36 cards (so you'll get it without the extras), This is a COMPLETE Petit Lenormand deck.  Originally, US Games thought they would be able to do an  additional printing of the 7 bonus cards that were in Ciro's original deck (Time, Bridge, Dice and Mask, plus alternate Man and Woman cards, and an additional Birds/Owl card) plus an extra bonus card that no one yet knows about (surprise!) (a mini pack of only 8 cards).  However:

UPDATE: In December of 2014, it was announced that U.S. Games would not be able to publish the mini deck. Subsequent printings of decks cannot guarantee that the cards would be exactly the same size, and so they were unable to risk this additional series of 8 cards.

Instruction booklet:

48 page little white book (LWB), the same size as the cards. The LWB fits neatly into the box. Each page contains a vignette of the "voice of the card," what it might say about itself if it were a living entity. This is followed by a paragraph or two about what the card means in a reading. There are 3 samples of spreads in the back of the book, created by Tali Goodwin and Rana George. Due to size limitations, the LWB does not contain card combinations or instructions for larger spreads, traditional 9-card spreads, or the Grand Tableau. However, this is available on Ciro's website ( as a downloadable 140-page digital e-book in full color, complete with card meanings, as well as how to do your first Grand Tableau reading (digital version).

Another option: matching accessories: 

Within a few days of its release Ciro will also be offering this deck through his website but as part of a package. In addition to the deck itself, this package will include an additional signature card, a themed pouch (front and back designs are printed on the pouches) and the downloadable PDF document, 140 pages in full color. Price of the package will be $45.00.

Font size:

The card numbers (1-36) are large and even easy for my weak eyes to see, red ink on a gold disk. The card insets on the bottom right of each card are smaller, a bit harder to see with gold ink, but still of good size.


I cannot speak highly enough of the packaging. U.S. Games went all out. This is a very sturdy box. I've never seen one of its size done so well. It has a magnetic flap that keeps the box closed. Even the inside of the box has decorative tan checkers printed on the flap! The cards and the LWB nestle comfortably in this sturdy packaging, which has its own gold gilded print on the front and shines! The color is outstanding.  Images below.

Gold trimmings on the box!

Even the inside of the box has color.

Wish List/What I'd Change: 

Are ya kidding me? This deck surpassed all my expectations. I am absolutely satisfied with it in every way. If I were to allow myself the whim, I'd love to have a mini version of this deck as well, something tiny that would allow a Grand Tableau to happen in the space of a laptop computer. I do think it would be cool if the card inserts on the bottom right were replaced with actual colored playing cards, even if they were of Ciro's design.

Nicest. Deck. Ever.

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Bravo, bravo!! to U.S. Games and Ciro Marchetti for creating what is unquestionably the most vibrant, beautiful Lenormand deck available today. The colors pop, the edges glisten, the box is both rugged and functional (and it shines!), and the cards are easy to read. This is a hard-working deck that I've enjoyed as the collector's edition with many, many profound readings. Now it is affordable to the world through this mass market edition that skimps on nothing.

Special thanks to Ciro and U.S. Games for recommending my website in the LWB as a place to learn more about the Lenormand.

If you are interested in this deck,

you can purchase it through U.S. Games Systems, Inc HERE.

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