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Predictive Journaling - Layers of Meaning (Tarot & Lenormand)

Posted by Donnaleigh on February 17, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Above, the Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

I've learned that whether we are reading Tarot or Lenormand, the cards we receive have LAYERS. There is the meaning we see "at first blush..." and for some readers that is where they fold the cards and move on.

But if you look closer, you'll see more than first meets the eye. You can use Angel Cards, Tarot, Lenormand, or any oracle of your choice. And this method can be used for more than predictions.

Try this journaling activity:

1) Take the cards in your  two-, three-, or four-card spread (for tarot, even a 1-card reading will work well for this exercise). Write down the card/s you pulled and the deck they are from (or better yet, include a snapshot or a copy of the card image and put it in the journal). This will help you revisit the cards again later.

2) Create a column called "MEANINGS." Then write what you see. What do the cards mean? Then shift gears. Write another meaning. And another. And yet another. Push the cards as far as you can take them. How many meanings can you possibly derive from the cards? If you are predicting, give your prediction a timeline (i.e., in 6 months, this will happen: ______").

3) Then create another category off to the side in your journal, the "GET WEIRD" category. Get crazy with the cards now--take a risk! This is just between you and your journal. No one will criticize you; it's a safe place to take the plunge. Put the far-out meanings in this separate page or category and run with them.

4) Later, after time has passed and you know more about how your situation unfolded, return to your journal. Explore your meanings after the fact to see where they went in real life.What meanings applied? Which came closest? Which techniques worked best for you? Write these added meanings down in a "HINDSIGHT" category in your journal. Write down additional meanings or nuances or add notes to your previous readings.  Since it is now after the fact, knowing how the situation unfolded, what else would you add now, seeing those cards, that you missed in the earlier round? What technique or method are you using to reveal this information from the cards? (Apply this to future readings). You may find yourself continuing to add meanings to this columnn for some time after the situation unfolds, as more things begin to happen and you see them in the cards as well. Take note of the timing and how this applies to how you adjust your future readings.

This is particularly useful when we ask a question about our situation that may be predictive in nature, as you can later go back to the multiple meanings and see how many of the interpretations were right on. It's a way of "measuring" your readings. You may find that some of the meanings you discovered later in the exercise, your more "far-out" interpretations, may actually be the most relevant. Or maybe not.

So your 3 journal meaing categories for this activity are:


Lenormand Tips

Here is a Lenormand activity from a previous video blog of mine that may help you stretch your meaning zones for the Lenormand cards, as they can be more challenging than Tarot to push yourself out of an interpretation lock-up:

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or CLICK HERE if you cannot see the above video.

For Card Readings Other Than Predictions

If you are not into predictions, try this activity with your personal questions,whether psychological or practical. Where do the meanings take you? Do they all make sense and apply to your situation?

Shift your categories to:

  3. AFTERTHOUGHTS (How you grew to understand the past situation over time as things unfolded).

Try it with a friend.

Ask a reading partner your question, receive their question, and try multiple layers of reading meanings on each other in writing. Have the other person peruse your mearnings and learn from them...which ones hit home most? Which were things you may not have considered? What do you see in the meanings that your friend gave you that you may not have found on your own?

With tarot you may be able to go a little deeper with this as you can use the imagery as a jumping off point to tell stories. There is a bit more freedom to interpretation.

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