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Hand Making a Larger Grand Tableau Spread Cloth

Posted by Donnaleigh on February 8, 2013 at 2:40 PM side of the spread cloth has organized houses written on it,

and the other side has pretty fabric for any possible arrangement.

On THIS BLOG I demonstrate how to make your own Lenormand Grand Tableau Spread Cloth. I've been toting that cloth around with a deck wrapped inside, and it has become a good friend. It's small enough that I can even use it on a restaurant table.

However, I wanted a bigger one for my larger sized cards. So during the snowstorm today I made one. It fits most of my decks; below I've show several of my decks arranged on it as a sample. Some decks are too large (the Lilac Twilight and Cherry Twilight are too big), but I feel like I have much more flexibility in deck choices with this one.

Decks pictured include The Lenormand Revolution, The Original Lenormand, The Victorian LeNormand, The French Cartomancy (de-bordered), The Off-Center Lenormand, Under The Roses Lenormand

Above, the Melissa Lenormand on the opposite side of the spread cloth.

Above, it wraps a deck within and is tied with a satin ribbon.

Would you like to make one of your own?

CLICK HERE for directions.

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